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  1. We are trying to get treatment for our DD, age 12. We have had a cunningham panel, which shows two elevated results. Tests for strip titers are inconclusive. Two of our daughter's main characteristics are rages, ODD-like behavior and sleep dysregulation, although she has most of the core symptoms. We are still at the stage of getting antibiotics for her, a step that is complicated by non-compliance. We have seen Dr. K in Chicago and Dr. D in Oklahoma City. One of Dr. D's comments made me realize our DD has never shown remorse, only desire we don't discuss past behavior. Does anyone else have a child with this problem?
  2. Thanks for the advice and kind words. I'll ask her psychiatrist to prescribe some xanax. I'll also look into numbing agents. My daughter took the initiative to look them up herself, and likes one that is meant for tattooing and is about $50 for a small tube. I'll also look into buzzy. Sophie (my daughter) is at least partly scared due to a nasty blood draw ordered by another PANDAS doctor. He's mostly an allergist and ordered so many tests that it needed 11 vials. Sophie had been nervous beforehand and taken 0.7 mg of clonidine instead of the prescribed 0.2 mg to fall asleep the night before. This is primarily a blood pressure med. The draw was also a fasting draw. She passed out and we went to the ER for a while until her blood pressure got a little closer to normal. To add insult to injury the doctor doesn't even believe in prescribing antibiotics or anything else. He just suggested olive leaf extract. Sigh.
  3. Hi, I am trying to get my 11yo daughter to a lab for a blood draw for the Cunningham panel. She had been very good at blood draws previously, but has started having panic attacks recently. Any suggestions on prescription medicines to fend off a panic attack? She has backed out twice, once after driving in 35 miles to the lab. I can't physically haul her in. I have promised her disneyworld and threatened taking her phone but she can't even stay calm thinking about it. Thanks
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