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  1. Hi Sheila, The visit went very well. She took her time and listened to us explain the last few years with our son. Her diagnosis was that allergies were major component in his tics, considering they tend to flare up seasonally. Instead of sending us to other tests, she recommended LDA therapy, which we jumped at right away. Not many doctors have or offer this therapy. He took his first shot same day and after a few days, tic was gone. Not sure if the shot did the trick, but we will continue the therapy for at least a year. Shot every 2 months. Will surely keep you posted. Thanks again for your guidance. Hope others can look into the LDA therapy and talk to their doctors.
  2. Hello Sheila, Taking your advice, we have an appointment with functional/environmental physician tomorrow for our son. The tic that started in September did go away beginning of January, like clockwork. However, a new tic surfaced a few weeks ago, right around the beginning of the pollen season. Very slight head shoulder shrug, What kind of tests should i request from the physician? heavy metals? RAST OR ELISA? Any guidance will be appreciated. Tks.
  3. Hi Wombat140, tTat is exactly the thought process my wife and I are leaning towards. Do not get the FLU shot next year. I never had it and was able to avoid FLU all my life. Just another thought I had. He had is TDAP shot in July. Possible both shots,a few months apart ,aided in his immune system being weak. Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciate it.
  4. Hi Salm, Yes it seems very similar to my son. Except he hasn't develop more tics, just the eye blinking for now. Because it is only this time of year, we are looking for anything that could trigger it. He does nothing different than the rest of they year, except start school. We are thinking it might be pollen allergy of some kind and his immune system is weak because of flu shot every year.
  5. Thanks Wombat140. We have been on the gluten free diet for over a year and the wife has found innovative ways to keep our son happy with his diet. It was a struggle at first.
  6. Hi Sheila, Yes i read somewhere that the chemicals in pools can have an adverse affect. The odd thing is, he goes to this same swim class all year round, without any noticeable effect. Possibly the tics are there but at a small level and we didn't notice them. It is a enclosed pool at YMCA and he spends the same amount of time as he usually does. We are so puzzled. Why were we able to control it for 1.5 years, but not now? Thanks again for your advice. Will keep you posted on his progress.
  7. Hi Sheila, Thank you for your response. Our home doesn't have a mold issue, at least we don't think so. Hepa filter purifier in his room and living room, plus hepa filter for the heatling/cooling central air system. Ever since he was a toddler, we have always had these. We do have a dog and cat, but he's always been around them since he was born. Plus, since last years flare up, besides the dietary changes (GF, no artifical colors, flavors,) we also made changes so there aren't any toxic chemicals around. Only organic soaps and cleaners. No plug ins, scented candles...etc. This is why the flare up this year was so puzzling. He wakes up with no tic for about 1-2 hours then slowly he begins to show. Yes we used this list http://latitudes.org/finding-triggers-for-tics-a-must-read/ last year to help us with all of our changes. FYI...I just purchased your book "Natural treatments for Tics and Tourette's" to further assist us. If he has been on probiotic of 2 years, will candida yeast still be an issue. He doesn't have any of the symptoms. Will look into the environmental physician. Never heard of them. We didn't take to swim class this week, and the tics seem to be slowing down. Thanks for your input and advice. Will surely keep you posted on this progess.
  8. @crazy, We are facing the same with our 10 year old. This is his 3 year year of eye tics around end of Aug/beginning of Sept. Two years ago, they went away in January when it got really cold in NY. Last year we did gluten free diet right away and they went away in 2 weeks. This year we did the magnesium & B^ complex addition. Giving him the Natural vitality kids Calm and pure magesium oil on his feet at night. After a few weeks, they started to subside but not completely disappear. This past weekend went strong again. Not sure what to do now. We started the dairy free diet now and hope that helps. We know how you are feeling. Hurt for him so badly.
  9. Hello all, New to the forums. Just wanted to share our story and hopefully someone out there is facing the same situation and could shed some light. Our 10 year son began having eye rolls two years ago, at the end of Aug. At that time we weren't knowledgeable in tics or TS, so we went to the pediatrician who advised us they would go away, said not to worry. A month went by and then we decided to go to the eye doctor, who confirmed his eyes were perfect and that he sees this in many children. He assured us it would stop soon. Of course they didn't so we went to Neurologist in late November, who diagnosed him with evolving TS and advised we would just monitor him going forward. No to do anything. Don't even speak about it. Sounds crazy, but we followed. First week of January the eye rolls stopped. Wow, we were so happy. We thought maybe the doctors were right. Even though the eye rolls stopped, we occasionally noticed a nose scrunch. Now we move to last year. Same time, excessive eye blinking and eye rolls begin again. Late Aug, right before school. This time we did not want to stand pat, so we did some further research oh now we could help him. We stumbled on mothers advising that diet changes really helped their children with Tic, ADHD...etc. So reluctantly he agreed to the gluten free diet. And within 2 weeks, his eye rolls were gone like magic. This was incredible and we were so sure we had cured him. We continued the GF diet and also incorporated other changes, such as only organic foods, no preservatives, no food coloring, no junk food, no excessive amounts of sugar. My wife and I also changed our diet so he didn't feel so bad. It was a great year. Now we move to this year. Again, late Aug, right before school, the eye blinking starts again. No eye rolls, just blinking with a little twitch. Doing further research and reading all the great posts on these forums, we noticed Magnesium helped many childred so we started him on Kids Calm and magnesium oil at night before bed. After a few weeks noticed a major decrease in blinking. But this weekend the blinking ramped up again, right after his swim class. Not sure why. He did have a flu shot 3 weeks ago, right after the blinking was almost gone. Anyone out there face a similar situation? Could this be an allergy that only comes around in the fall months? Ragweed?
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