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  1. I know she is licensed hypnotherapist, I don't know how accreditation happens though. As I read everyone's experiences here, I see lots of diet changes, antibiotics, and vitamins and other natural remedies, but no behavioral therapies or hypnosis habit reversals. My DD reacted so well to teh hypnotherapy I wonder why it's not seen here more? Especially for kids who just started ticing. This worked so well with my DD I want to shout it from the rooftops. From my short experience with this, the more stress a family puts itself though the worse tics seem to be.
  2. I just found this board about 3 weeks ago. My 13 year old DD developed a verbal tic. The was saying "Tuh" like 4-7 times a minute. I asked one of her teachers about it and she said she wasn't doing it in class. When observing DD with friends, she wasn't doing it all that much..hardly noticeable. It was driving us nuts at home. After finding this board, I put her on a magnesium/calcium supplement, started giving her Epsom salt baths. Last week I took her to a hypnotherapist and her verbal tic was gone within a couple of days. I posted about it last week. The therapist worked on relaxation techniques. But now she has started doing a yawning, nose crunching thing, but it's not frequent. I'll take that ove rthe verbal tic any day. She also has severe seasonal allergies and I just put her on nasonex. When talking to a adolescent Dr. friend who told me about meds. But since she was only doing it at home, we weren't going to go that route. I know it may sound flaky and a bit weird, but the hypnotherapy really seemed to help. I thought it would be good even if it didn't help the tic, but to help her relax. Anyway, good luck. LIke I said, my DDs tic came on suddenly and seems to have left suddenly. I hope it's the same thing for you. The most important thing is to relax and don't make her feel bad about it. Pretend it doesn't bother you. When my DD was ticing, if we just pretended it didn't bother us, she didn't get all upset about it or feel bad. Heather M
  3. I live in Los Angeles so there are many to choose from. I called a few and discussed DDs problem. I found one I wanted to try out. She said she would work on relaxation and just see if she was able to be in an hypnotic state. Therapist used guided imagery. DD was very tired afterwards but very relaxed. It's now Wednesday morninng and the verbal tick is gone. *however* she's doing a strange face thing in the evening, now where she crinkles her nose and opens her mouth as if to yawn. A tic, I'm sure, but much better on the family than th everbal tic that was driving us nuts. I'll discuss this latest tic with her therapist on Friday.
  4. I wrote a couple of weeks ago my DD started a vocal tic. She would repeat "tuh" about 4-7 times a minute EVERY minute all the time whilke at home. SHe was able to supress it at school and with friends. I took her to a hypnotherapist last friday. THe therapist worked on relaxation. Can you believe she was tic free on Friday night, had just a few tics on Saturday, none on sunday or yesterday or this morning. This has helped her so much I can't believe it. She will have therapy sessions for next few weeks. SO I do think her tics were brought on by stress. I hope they don't return to where they were, but I am prepared just in case. I also put DD on a multi vitamin and an added magnesium/calcium supplement and have been giving her epsom salt baths. All which I read about here and seem to have helped her stress level. Anyway, I don't know if anyone else has tried this hypnotherapy. Honestly I wasn't much of a believer. I just thought if she was stressed, it would help. I really didn't think the tics would go away. I'm still prepared they may come back. But for now, I'm doing a happy dance... Thanks for all your valueable info, Heather M.
  5. Faith, She has seasonal allergies and would sniff snort off and on for years. So looking back, that was probably a tic, though we thought it ws a habit. She did have a short period of eye blinking, but nothing big. But this is driving us nuts, well, mostly me. I'm praying it goes away, but I'll be looking for some ways to hopefully lessen it or get rid of it. If not, I'll just have to learn to live with a noisy, (but still good) kid.
  6. Hi There, Thank you for your forum. I don't know where to turn. My daughter who has been a sniffer in the past, usually worse during this time of year, has changes her sniff/snort to a verbal tic. She doesn't tic at school (much) or around friends (just rarely) but at home aftr school, she's ticking (a sound like "Tuhh") about 4-6 times a minute..every minute until she's asleep. It's driving us nuts. We're trying to stay calm. She has a doctors' appointment next week, but I bet they aren't used to this and they'll say if it gets bad, to drug her. I don't want to do that. I will browse your forum for information, but I have a question..... Have you ever heard of such a late onset for such behavior? DO you think it may be a teenage hormone thing, and do you think hypno therapy (for relaxation) will help? This is all so new to us, I'm almost in tears wondering what has happened to my little girl......Thank you for reading this and thank you for any info you an throw my way. Heather
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