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  1. Hi all, So we have used Dr. Rao in the past as a DAN doctor and had good success. This past year my 14 year old son with PDD started digressing, OCD behaviors, you all know all the symptoms. Anyway we saw Dr. Rao in November, he drew labs but before he drew the labs he suspected PANDAs. The labs show VERY high titers for almost every virus tested. HHV6, EBV, Cocksaxie, and mycoplamsma pneumonie. We started the turmeric, N-acetyl-cysteine and vitamin C and did not see any change. The next week we were to start ibuprofen, benedryl and something else (i don't remember) but it didn't do anything either. So we are going back up (didn't have money and it really STINKS that he doesn't take BC/BS) but I wonder if since its viral he'll start him on anti-virals? Before we had the labs he said the next step (in PANDAS, not PANS) was going to be steroids, then IVIG and plasmapheresis. Please PM with any help at all. I'm in nursing school right now and I'm so overwhelmed with helping our son. He was doing so well until he stepped on a nail and I made the life changing call of giving him a tetanus shot. I didn't want to, but feared for his life. Also, if we do end up having to do IVIG or plasmapheresis are these procedures dangerous? Like I said I'm usually not overwhelmed but THRIVE on research but right now I'm trying to finish school so my husband can have some financial relief. Thank so much! Jana Bryan, TX **
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