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  1. Hi everyone So last month I went to see a doctor who follows William Walsh's research. I got the results of my blood tests (zinc, copper, histamine, pyrolles among others) yesterday and it seems the only thing that really stands out is an elevated pyrolle level (my count is 57 - according to my doctor normal level is between 5 and 10). I've been instructed to take the following: Vitamin C (1000mg twice daily) Magnesium citrate (500mg) Vitamin B6 (400mg) P5P (60mg) Vitamin E, mixed tocopherol version (400 IU twice daily) Evening Primrose Oil (500mg) Zinc Picolinate or citrate (60m
  2. Hi everyone Have very recently discovered ACN Latitudes and really thankful I did! I've found it really encouraging to see so many people dedicated to effectively fighting mental illness, and lots of articles which actually seem to acknowledge the complexity and individuality of people's own experiences and the inefficiency of some of these general labels and checklists. I'd like to ask whether anyone has ever experienced something which has really troubled me for the past 4-5 years: It's very hard to describe. The best way I can put it is a real difficulty moving my mind in partic
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