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  1. The following is a quote from this site http://www.tuberose.com/Vaccinations.html (if your child has motor tics as my son did please check out this site). The CDC's (Center for Disease Control) study in 2003 confirms a link between vaccinations and motor tics. My son had severe seizures following a hep b and developed motor tics when he was five. I always suspected a link between vaccinations and motor tics. This site and CDC study basically confirmed that fear. If you were informed that mercury in vaccines might double the risk of your son developing motor tics, increase his risk of "phonic tics" by nearly two-and-a-half times, and possibly cause speech, attention or behavioral problems in school, would you still allow him to be injected with the heavy metal -- which, by the way, is 100 times more neurotoxic than that lead coating on his Chinese toys? And what if your government's most trusted public health agency, the CDC, announced it had funded a study that replicated the findings of a 2003 CDC analysis, which also detected an association between vaccine mercury and tics, and that researchers were now suggesting "the potential need for further studies" between thimerosal and the neurological disorder? And what if the investigators also said they detected a small but statistically significant association between early thimerosal exposure and impaired "behavioral regulation" in boys? Or what if they said that increased neonatal exposure (28 weeks or younger) was associated with "significantly lower scores in verbal IQ scores in girls," and "significantly poorer performance" in articulation tests among all children? And what if the authors further noted that speech problems were also found in the 2003 CDC study, where they said thimerosal exposure was associated with "an increased risk of language delays" at one test site? Finally, what if those same authors claimed that their findings "suggest a possible adverse association between neonatal exposure to mercury and language development?" An 8 pound baby injected with the hepatitis B vaccine at birth is exposed to 35 times the EPA daily safety level for mercury, (calculated by bodyweight) while a 4 pound infant is slammed with 70 times the EPA level. Boys who received the highest amounts of thimerosal in the first seven months of life are determined by evaluators to be 2.19 times more likely to have motor tics at age 7-10 years, and 2.44 times more likely to have phonic tics, than boys with the lowest exposures. Any relative risk between exposure and outcome that exceeds 2.0, incidentally, is considered to be proof of causation in US courts of law. The Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders defines "simple" motor tics as "brief, meaningless movements like eye blinking, facial grimacing, head jerks or shoulder shrugs," that usually last less than a second. It says that "complex" motor tics cause slower, longer, more intense movements, "like sustained looks, facial gestures, biting, banging, whirling or twisting around, or copropraxia (obscene gestures)." On the phonic side, "simple" tics are called, "meaningless sounds or noises like throat clearing, coughing, sniffling, barking, or hissing." Complex phonic tics include, "syllables, words, phrases, and such statements as 'Shut up!' or 'Now you've done it!' The child's speech may be abnormal, with unusual rhythms, tones, accents or intensities." There is also the "echo phenomenon," (so familiar to autism parents) characterized by "the immediate repetition of one's own or another's words." Coprolalia, meanwhile, is a tic "made up of obscene, inappropriate or aggressive words and statements." Severe behavioral problems are sometimes associated with tics, as well, and "there is some evidence that temper tantrums, aggressiveness, and explosive behavior appear in preadolescence and intensify in adolescence." Finally, many children with both phonic and motor tics are diagnosed with Tourette's disorder, which frequently causes "aggressiveness, self-harming behaviors, emotional immaturity, social withdrawal, physical complaints, conduct disorders, affective disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, stuttering, sleep disorders, migraine headaches, and inappropriate sexual behaviors," the Encyclopedia says. (Interestingly, Tourette's disorder is three-to-four times more common in males than females, the same ratio as autism, ADD and ADHD). Now, if "simple" tics include head jerks and barking; and "complex" tics can entail biting, banging and screaming obscenities; and if thimerosal can more than double the chance of tics in boys; then Atlanta, we have a very big problem. It's perplexing that the CDC can report replicating a doubled risk for tics in boys, and an increased risk for speech disorders and attention and behavior problems in other kids, and still insist that this is all "very reassuring news."
  2. My son has had a transcient tic since he was 6. His original Pediatrician refused to have his titers tested at our request. The second Pediatrician also refused. We wound up seeing a Neurologist and a Homeopath. The Neurologist agreed to test his titers and wouldn't you know it, the levels were through the roof. He took antibiotics and the tics almost disappeared. However after the meds they seemed to come back. When we tested him again for strep we discovered the levels still through the roof. He needs a stronger antibiotic. Anway after reading a bit about strep I discovered if gone untreated it can result in rheumatic fever which does affect the nervous system and can result and quick jerking body movements. It can also develop into scarlet fever which can result in heart disease, damage kidneys and brain damage. If it caused damage to the basal ganglia it could cause the tics or perhaps Rheumatic Fever could cause tic movements. I'm disgusted that these pediatricians refused to test my son especially now that I know the seriousness of strep going untreated. My mother told me that her good friend contracted scarlet fever as a child and had to undergo heart surgery because of the damage it caused to her heart valves. So if anyone out there is getting the run around by their Pediatrician, put the screws to them. I want to thank all of the people at this site from the bottom of my heart because if it wasn't for the information and advice about having his titers tested we would still be scratching our heads. God Bless!!
  3. Hi Maryann, I was actually looking for Candida Clear which was the product recommended at this site but there are several products which basically are candida suppport supplements. I said Yeast Guard but the name of it was Yeast Defense put out by Vitamin Shoppe. I think you could use any comparable product. I was just amazed by my son's reaction. He doesn't really talk to me about his bowel movements so he obviously felt a difference. Trying to get him to take baths and supplements was like pulling teeth it was an ongoing battle however when we had the results of a decrease in tics on Friday he was extremely anxious to get the supplements on Saturday and Sunday morning. I realize that I still have to confer with our homeopath and I have to increase Vitamin C and his water intake but I'm just tickled pink that we are making some progress. It was really breaking my heart to see him so miserable. I'm hoping Bentonite Clay is going to yield some results. I don't want to be taking supplements like this forever I still want to get to the root of the problem. I do think the sulfation system has been damaged or adverseley affected but we think it may be due to metal poisoning and are hoping that if we can chelate with bentonite we can reduce the supplements. Only time will tell, it's just a theorey. I was reading a link that was posted here on sulfation and it stated that · Hepatitis B Vaccination inhibits Sulphation chemistry for 1 week in the typical person. My son had the hep B vaccine the day he was born and went into severe seizures. So I know that he had a reaction. I want to know what is it in that vaccine that inhibits the sulfation chemistry. Is it the mercury, aluminum, femaldahyde?? All of which are toxins to the body. N N Hi Ruby , Can you tell me more about this yeast guard. Who makes it ? Is it a pill? My daughter has the same problem with constipation and she did test positve for yeast in the stool. She is now taking probiotics. thanks for your help maryann
  4. Hi Carolyn, One more thing since I've frequented this site I've heard about yeast being a problem and have also starting giving my son yeast guard. He has always had an issue with constipation and huge bowel movements. This weekend he was had to show me his bowel movement which looked rather normal. He was so surprised at how easy it was and asked me about the shape and size of it. I said that is normal. He actually seemed happy almost giddy about a bowel movement. I thought it was so funny but I really think that the yeast gaurd is helping to eliminate the over abundance of yeast in his system. I have to read more on this topic but like I said, I've never seen my son this happy about a bowel movement. His mood is much better too. Thanks Again, N
  5. Carolyn, I just want to thank you for this information. My son is 9 years old and has a transcient tic. Recently it has interfered with his day to day life more than usual. He does this mouth stretching movement and he has been doing it quite a bit, so much that he severed the piece of flesh that attaches the upper lip to his gums. This has been very painful to him and it wouldn't heal because we can' t control the tics. We took him to two pediatricians who basically told me to do nothing (no lie). I was so frustrated. They would not even consider ordering any blood work for us so we could get to the bottom of the cause for tics. Anyway I read your post and decided to give it a whirl. I have switched to an all organic diet, he takes epsom salt baths 3x a week, a liquid vitamin and Omega 3. Well he has been coming home from school crying in pain for three days and on Friday I stopped and picked up Vitamin C, Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules, N-Acetly-L-Cysteine and Yeast Guard. I gave him 500 mg of Vitamin C, 500 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar, 600 mg of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and a capsule of Yeast Guard. Within 20 minutes the crying was replaced with laughing and sheer joy. My son was so overjoyed that his tics had diminished to almost nothing that he begged me the next morning to give him another dose of supplements. His mouth has healed up quite nicely over the weekend. My ex-husband was beside himself and said it truly works. My son said that within 15-20 minutes of taking his supplements his tics subside considerably. We have an appointment with a Homeopath this Wednesday and will run it by him to make sure this will not harm him in any way. We also ordered Bentonite Clay and I'm hoping to get good results from that. I honestly believe it is metal poisoning from vaccines and I'm hoping the bentonite clay will help to detox him faster than Epsom Salts. It breaks my heart because I'm currently pregnant and we have decided not to vaccinate our daughter at all. My son was in tears because he said she will never have tics and he has to live with them. This was before this weekend. I assured him that we would get rid of his tics. Thanks for making an honest woman out of me. I can't tell you the level of frustration I have with his pediatricians at this point. As far as I'm concerned they are worthless. At least our homeopath told us to use Calendula to heal his mouth and relieve the pain till we got in to see him on Wednesday. I've prayed to God for guidance in this matter and told my son to have faith. I'm so grateful that the parents on this website have shared so much valuable knowlege in helping us to find some relief for our son. Thank you so much!! God Bless you Carolyn, Nicole
  6. He said he would and he is required by law to report it. We also told him we wanted a hard copy of the incident report to keep for our own files. I've read so many article on tic, autism, ADHD, seizures, as I'm sure everyone else here has. I can not help but believe there is not only a correlation to the vaccines but also a correlations between these disorders. I believe they are all contained in a single category but are different spectrums. Not for every case but for most. Here is a really good article on vaccinations, really makes you think. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article....RTICLE_ID=32988
  7. Interesting article on vaccinations and Autism epidemic. The toxic contents of vaccines are listed and the staggering statistics. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article....RTICLE_ID=32988
  8. This is an interesting article on how one woman cured her son of Autism through Homeopathy. She has written a book "Impossible Cure" http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles...e-part-two.aspx
  9. How often do you give the epsom salt baths?? Try at least 3 times a week, 2 cups of salt per bath. From my understanding it takes a while to release toxins. Try sticking with it for a month to see if there is any change.
  10. My son developed very similar tic patterns. He has a transient tic (a tic that changes form over time) We do believe it is associated with his vaccines. He had seizures after his first vaccine. Anyway In regards to the tics we were told not to be alarmed and that he would most likely outgrow it, if not just to learn to live with it. Well several weeks later he added an eye rolling tic that was so intense he could not focus his eyes on anything for a prolonged period and was experiencing severe headaches. My son is also 9. We have no family history of tics or tourettes. We have changed his diet and do epsom salt baths 3 times a week to detox which has helped a great deal. I use 2 cups per bath. We believe the toxins from the vaccines are the root of the problem and all the other reactions are basically the symptoms. Light was making his eye rolling worse. Light being emitted from television, computer, disco lights (roller skating) even sunlight. I don't like to think of the worse scenario but I also feel it's better to be safe than sorry. I don't want to wait for his condition to escalate into something that does further damage. I just feel I would rather have all my bases covered. When our Pediatrician told us to live with it, the first thing I did when I got home was set up a consultation with another Pediatrician, a Neurologist and a Homeopath.
  11. My son had seizures within 12 hours of reveiving a Hep B vaccine. He also has excema and tics along with some other behaviors. I recently read an article on a congressional hearing of a parent who lost their child (they believe to the hep B vaccine) He described the seizures my son experienced. He couldn't stress enough that parents have to make sure that these adverse reactions need to be reported to VAERS. He said he discovered his daughters reaction was not reported. After reading that article I checked with the hospital where my son was born and his reaction was not reported either. They (The Hospital staff/Pediatrician) are required by law to report the incident. The problem is if people don't start reporting these reactions they assume the vaccinations are safe and without consequence. There is nothing to document a correlation. I did call our Pediatrician and told him that he was required to report it. We told him we wanted documentation that the incident was reported.
  12. No, I have managed to dodge vaccinations since he entered school. However our Pediatrician is a huge proponent of vaccinations. Since my sons tics have gotten worse after a fever I asked to have his titers tested and I wanted him tested for heavy metals. The Pediatrician basically told me he really doesn't see the need to do this. He told me that he can guarantee that the tests will come up with abnormal results that will have to be followed up on. He said that the test results do not tend to be white or black but gray and could mean a number of things. So he basically refused to order them. He said perhaps I could ask our neurologist to run them. I was irate to say the least, it's so frustrating. He is the one who vaccinated him at birth and failed to report the seizures to VAERS. So I told him by law he is required to report my sons seizure activity following that vaccine and we want a copy of the incident report. A lot of these adverse reacations are not reported and so the data is worthless.
  13. Dr. Mercola's website has a lot of info on the benefits of coconut oil. You should check it out. www.mercola.com
  14. My son had seizures at birth within 12 hours of having a hepatitis B Vaccine. He then devolped severe excema. He has had excema ever since. He is 9 years old and began displaying tics about three years ago. He has transient tics which have basically changed form over time. It started as throat clearing, neck stretching, prolonged eye blinking, jaw stretching and just recently he added a second tic when he ran a fever. This tic has us very concerned because it is an eye rolling movement. He basically rolls his eyes back towards the top of his head and the tics increase with light. It can be through television, computer, disco ball lights like they have at roller rinks or the bowling alley even if it is too sunny in the car. His eyes hurt and this constant tic causes him to have head aches. Trying to get lab tests for my kid is a nightmare and we are switching pediatricians because just learning to live with it is not an option for us. I'm outraged by the way our pediatrician has dealt with us. I feel we pay a fortune in medical premiums and I feel we have every right to get to the bottom of what is causing this. After all it's the reason we carry insurance to take care of our childrens health. I believe in our case there is a definate connection between that vaccine, his excema and his tics. I believe the vaccine damaged his basal ganglia which in turn has effected movement and has also damaged his immune system resulting in allergies. He was born a healthy child until that vaccine. We have no family history of tics/tourettes or allergies on either side.
  15. I read an interesting article and I probably have it saved somewhere that discusses that the damage being done can actually alter the genetic makeup/DNA of an individual causing it Tics/Tourettes to appear to be a genetic disposition. Only a theorey but an interesting one. I think I'm extremely focused on what is the root of the problem, what is causing the disorder. How do we attribute such an explosion in cases as opposed to 20 years ago. The theorey of genetics does not explain the explosion of cases. If it did we should have had parallel numbers before the vaccinations were increased. I totally respect your position. I however feel that a majority of the current cases are caused by the basal ganglia being damaged by an external factor that was introduced in the past 20 years. Now perhaps if you have an individual who is born and for whatever reason, the basal ganglia is not wired as it should be perhaps they are passing that genetic code onto their offspring. Totally feasible.
  16. I'd have to disagree I really believe what is happening is you are taking a perfectly healthy baby whose brain development is crucial in the first two years and then pumping it (vaccinations) with heavy metals (mercury, aluminum) toxins (formaldahyde) not to mention strains of disease and it is causing a shock to the childs immune system which in turn is causing the high fever and damaging the childs immune system. Aslo since mercury is fat soluable it is being stored in the brain, thus causing damage to the basal ganglia cells, which in turn create problems with the ability to control speech and movement. Also since the chids immune system has been damaged so severely he/she then experiences allergic reactions to substances a healthy immune system can handle. I believe the onset of my sons tics happened at the age of 6 is that mercury or heavy metal poisoning is cumulative. Over time more and more heavy metals accumulate in the brain due to pollutants, seafood consumption, cookware, lead poisoning etc. thus causing further damage to the basal ganglia eventually resulting in tics/tourettes. It is only a theorey but one that I think makes sense. The only reason I say this is because my son also had a high temp due to vaccinations. He was born a healthy child but after his first hep b vaccine began to experience severe seizures. There is a cause and effect relationship that is quite logical. My aunt has been a registered nurse for years and she agrees that this is a terrible shock to the immune system and developing brain. The levels of toxins being deposited in our childrens bodies are not safe levels. No amount of mercury is safe. The statistics do not support a genetic predisposition. The numbers have gone through the roof and I don't think that can be explained through genetics
  17. Here is a great article on the dangers of vaccinations that CDC and Policy Makers are well aware of. Food for thought........ http://www.mercola.com/display/router.aspx?docid=28511
  18. I have not had his strep titers tested?? I'm sure if I ask his pediatrician to order these tests he will refuse. I'm having a hard enough time getting tests run for heavy metals because they see no need. I'm in the process of switching pediatricians. I'm pregnant and am due April 14. I basically got in a knock down drag out argument about vaccinating our daugher last week with a midwife of all people. The pressure to vaccinate is incredible. After all Merck pulls in 800-900 million annually in vaccines. That figure may just be for Hep B. I just find it interesting the cases of Tics, Tourettes, ADHD, Autism and seizures have skyrocketed in the past years since the vaccine requirements have tripled. Also interesting is the study on the Amish Community that had 1 case of Autism in a community of 15,000. That one child was adopted from overseas and had to go through the vaccination process to enter this country. The Amish do not vaccinate their children. It is against their religious beliefs. It's quite obvious to me that there is a definite correlation.
  19. Our Pediatrician said it is a transient tic because it is constantly changing form. It started out as throat clearing and then shoulder shrugging, prolonged eye blinking, jaw stretching and now in addition he's added rolling his eyes since the fever. He was last vaccinated about 3 years ago and will not be having any more vaccination. I do believe there is a definate link the more I read. There is a great article on this topic which is enlightening. The industry is well aware of the correlation between vaccination/heavy metal poisoning and disorders such as autism, ADHD, tics and other disorders. These vaccinations do not only contain mercury but also aluminum and formaldahyde (toxin) The first two years are crucial to brain development and Mercury is fat soluable and tends to be stored in the brain region. Read the following article http://www.mercola.com/display/router.aspx?docid=28511 My understanding and the theorey I lean towards is that these vaccinations interfere with brain development and cause an immune deficiency which in turn causes the allergies to all of the additives and environmental chemicals. Metals increasingly accumulate in our systems due to pollutants, fish consumption, cookware, causing the condition to worsen. I've read many posts on this site that you need to address the allergies at first but the more I read I believe the place to start is to detox. As I said earlier my son went into intense seizures with 24 hours of receiving his Hep B vaccine. I would like to say it may have been with 6-12 hours. Other than that it was a normal healthy birth. I'm a healthy person and we have no family history of these allergies, Tics or seizures. My son is 9 years old now.
  20. We recently discovered that our son has a transient motor tic. Our pediatrician (who isn't much help at all) basically told us it's no big deal. He said he will either outgrow it or basically have it for life and told us a story about his cousin who has a similar tic which hasn't inteferred with her day to day life. The general advice was that we should just live with it, the only other option is giving him Haldol (not an option for us). In the past week I've noticed that my son has added a tic to the one he is already exhibiting. He makes this jaw stretching movement where he sticks his tounge out. Yesterday he was sent home from school with a fever and began rolling his eyes towards the upper corner of his head which in turn gave him a headache because he can't control it and had been doing it all day. My son had seizure activity as an infant following a hep B vaccine. He began having the seizures within 24 hours of the vaccine and it was never reported to VAERS ( I recently discovered this and am in the process of reporting it). He was put on phenobarbital for 4 months to control the seizure activity and developed severe excema along with night terrors and a very accute sense of smell along with the tic that began at the age of 6. I've been reading about adverse reactions to hep B Vaccine and have seen a similar pattern of these symptoms in children. Anyway it is like pulling teeth trying to get blood work done to determine if his system contains high levels of metals or to get an allergist to test him based on tics/tourettes. I finally asked if they could test him on the basis of his excema and they agreed. Whenever I talk to my pediatrician or other physicians they make me feel as though I'm a loon for even suggesting that this may be the root of the problem. There are only 3 environmental physicians in our state that I can find. Does anyone know if they accept insurance?? My insurance co seemed taken back by the question. We have finally gotten to the point that we are ready to switch pediatricians because ours doesn't seem to want to know the root of the problem and we just find this unacceptable. He is a huge proponent of vaccination and that is not helping our case much either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have started to change our diet to all organic, have been giving him Omega 3 supplement and a multi vitamin but we haven't seen a change in tics other than the additional tic he is experiencing. The cost for these various treatments adds up quick. A visit to a homeopath in our area is $250.00. I saw that one of your members was recommending liquid vitamin at $70.00 a bottle. In addition to all the other supplements and switching to all organic foods the cost is staggering. We will pay whatever it costs, I'm just having a hard time accepting the fact the my Insurance Provider will not cover any of these costs considering my premiums are through the roof.
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