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  1. Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for Seattle area doctors who have helped with tics and tourettes? DAN doctors, or naturopaths? We have seen a neurologist who was not very helpful, but looking for someone who can help offer more natural treatments. Thank you!!
  2. Yes she has just started school. Kindergarten. I realize the change and excitement could lead to increased tics. She likely eats more fruit to compensate for lack of all else. Because oats and rice showed on the IGG test we got rid of tbem and have had more corn cereals and corn chips. Corn did not show up on the IGG test but because so many others have discussed I'm now keeping an eye on corn, tomatos, sugar. Of course now that she is in kindergarten and not home with me it's difficult to see what is actually happening with her tics. In the last couple weeks she has begun to tic less at home
  3. Hi. I have a 5 year old daughter who is not officially diagnosed with TS but has increasing tics for a year now and I feel the diagnosis is only semantics at this point. Though most of her tics involve rubbing or itching her face and have thus far not been twitch-like. After running an Alltess IGG test we went GFDF egg free, rice free and numerous other random vegetables and such that showed up on the test. We're also using Natures Calm, Inositol and DHA. Her diet is very healthy. Mostly organic. Really limited perservatives or food coloring/flavors if any. A little over a week after changin
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