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  1. Thanks for the replies. My husband went to the doctors last week for himself and he mentioned our daughter and he said he would have a look at her notes for when my husband is back there next week. So hopefully something will come from this. When we initially went to the doctors in September 2015 we saw a temporary doctor who referred us to the hospital.. She doesn't really have any other issues. I have ordered some multi vitamins to give her alongside the magnesium and I may give going gluten free a try Hopefully we will have some information from our doctor next week
  2. Thanks, I have only just started reading the book. One question I have is how much magnesium should I be giving her Kathryn
  3. We have been giving our 13 year daughter magnesium citrate tablets and b6 since before Christmas and haven't noticed a change in her tics. Over the past six months we have tried tic tamer and he repreeve patches with no success or change. I was wondering if anyone especially those in the U.K. would be able to help with advice on what would be my next steps. I have bought the natural treatments for tics book so will start reading that. We had an appointment at the hospital in September and they didn't real,y do anything just said they would think the tics would stop over the next few months and then discharged us. Thanks for any advice
  4. I have stopped the magnesium spray and also reduced the Natural Calm only given it to her a couple of times over the last few days instead of every night. I am becoming more and more convinced that it isn't TS and more leaning towards PANDAS. Her tics started out of the blue last July when she was 12 (she turned 13 in April this year) recently I have noticed a couple of OCD type, such as tapping her phone when she puts it down We are going back to the hospital soon so I am going to ask them, need to have another read up on the internet with regard to supplements we could give her in the meantime that might work
  5. Hi The ingredients are Aqua, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium sulphate She is having the natural vitality natural calm raspberry lemon powder
  6. Hi Thanks for replying. I have been giving my daughter natural calm before bed and spraying a magnesium oil on her back and feet. I am not certain, but I have an inkling that her shoulder shrug has got worse whilst taking the above. If I stop giving her the natural calm, how long would it take before I noticed a change
  7. Can magnesium make tics worse Is most evidence pointing towards magnesium either helping or not helping, or is there some to say that it can make them worse Kathryn
  8. Hi, I am based in the UK and I have recently received a free sample of Repreeve. I tried them in my daughter today and hoping that over the next couple of days that we notice a difference. Can I please ask how important is the location, I have placed them on the wrist and front and back of my earlobe but do they need to be in an exact position I am really grateful to mater technologies for posting to the UK so I can try them
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