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  1. Thanks for all of the input. Dr. L seems to come highly recommended. I am, however, concerned about Dasu's comment that she diagnoses traditional PANDAS and does not treat infections other than strep. My daughter's biggest flare came with a coxsackie and EBV infection, so we would want someone who readily diagnoses PANS but also knows how to treat viral infections (if needed).
  2. We will be planning a trip to a specialist to have our daughter evaluated for autism and possible PANS. If she does have PANS it would not be a "textbook" case, but we really need someone who is willing to think outside the box about what might be the underlying cause of her challenges and how we might treat them. We are leaning toward Dr. T because he seems willing to leave no stone unturned and consider all possibilities. However, Dr. L's location is much more convenient for us. Visiting either one will be a sacrifice for us, so I want to make it count. In order to make the best possibl
  3. Thank you both for your replies and input. I truly appreciate it! MomWithOCDSon, I recognize a lot of my daughter in your description of your son, and his progress brings me some comfort. Thanks again.
  4. Have you looked into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? It is more common among females, but your comment about him being double jointed surely made it spring to mind. Many with EDS have autistic traits as well.
  5. I am desperately searching for help for my 6 year old daughter, and I am hopeful that this community can help me. As early as 6 months of age, I began to notice passing phases when my daughter was harder to reach (reduced smiling, eye contact, response to name). The phases would come sporadically (no more than once a month) and were brief (lasting a few days to a week). My husband, her pediatrician, and the developmental team that monitored my daughter due to her prematurity never noticed anything and were not concerned. At age two and a half, the developmental team identified some s
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