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  1. @abdualpt @irishmom We had our first meeting with Dr K this morning and will be starting augmentin tomorrow. I noticed it has been a year since this post, I'm wonder how you kids are doing since treatment? Did they both have IVIG? How many sessions - just 1? Did the treatment last? Thank you!
  2. Hi Families! My 9yo first showed signs of tourettes at age 3. He has waxed/waned for several years. We have not needed to do anything but toy with his diet, introduce magnesium until now. In the springtime his tics increased more dramatically and they have not waned. We saw the ped neurologist around 4/5yo for official diagnosis but nothing since. Seems the right time to step up our game. He did have some issues with strep when younger and had tonsils removed years ago. My son is very bright, athletic, no school issues etc. He does not seem to have any psychological concerns at thi
  3. Seeking recommendations for naturopaths and acupuncturists in the greater Chicago area (western suburbs preffered but open). Want to work with great, recommended professionals that might be familiar with Tourette’s and treating children. Thank you!
  4. Hi from the Chicago burbs! Is it possible to know who Dr K is? 9 yo and almost 6 yo with vocal+motor tics
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