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  1. Have you looked into Dr H. Jnouchi at St Peter's in NJ. She is an Immunologist, treats PANS and Panda's and the gut!! She also fights hard for IVIG w your insurance if she thinks you need it. She is NOT an LLMD but I don't know where you will get both in one doctor. She is in MOST insurance networks and her son heads up CHOPS immunologic dept. We have been with Dr T for several years. We go to both. We find him to be knowledgeable in many areas and he IS helpful with school letters and getting anti biotics if necessary. Dr T is very very busy and after your apt, it's not easy to get the office to respond promptly. I love him and his staff but we use Dr J more regularly. Good Luck! Do you know if he is also PANs knowledgeable? CHOP is much closer to me so I would go there if I can - but I understand that CHOP is not PANDAS friendly.
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