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  1. Hi, you should probably look up the Byron White formula for strep. It sounds like you have Strep in your tissues/blood and need to cleanse your blood. Antibiotics won't get it out of your or your son's body. I just recently learned this as I tested positive for strep as did my 10 y/o son PANS and have been detoxing both of us since Sept. We've both experienced rashes and other symptoms as the virus' are dying off so I know its working. Also my son is doing much better in day to day life.
  2. Hi, my son's diagnosis at 4 was the same as your son's....ADHD with autistic like behaviors. He had chronic ear infections, stayed sick... strep and anything else going around...picky eater.. tantrums at school..speech delays. My son is now 10 and was diagnosed with PANs at age 8. We're currently undergoing treatments to cure him of this horrible disorder. Recently we found out his speech delays are due to him having tongue thrust or deviate swallow. Like your son, he didn't latch as a baby. Once this is corrected, speech starts flowing. He's doing myo functional therapy to correct the tongue
  3. Hi, I've read several testimonies/blogs were essential oils cured PANS/PANDAS in children. Young Living Oils has the Raindrop technique with specific oils for autoimmune disorders. I reached out to PANDAS Hope for Healing twice last year and never got a response.
  4. Hi packjen, I am new here too after just recently connecting the dots to my 8 y/o son's symptoms. I felt compelled to respond to your post because I am dealing with the same issues with Kaiser peds too and I'm in Atlanta, GA- even after sending them information from NIMH. My son like your daughter had multiple strep infections, scarlett fever, staph infection, Hand Foot Mouth (coxsackie) and started exhibiting odd behaviors- all before age 4. Like I said earlier I just connected to dots recently after and have been seeking help- at 8 his ADHD, tics and OCD are quite severe now. A ped at Kaiser
  5. My son has a weird rash on his forehead and has severe tics and adhd behaviors. Took him Friday to a natural doctor who does muscle testing (kinesiology) and she said it was some new virus going around called "spiro virus". Anyway she gave a homeopathic remedy to help rid him of it. Hope this helps.
  6. Need some advice on next steps. My DS was seen by a dev ped today and was diagnosed with global dev delay and ADD. I explained that we've been seeing naturopath and MAPS doc who did hair mineral testing and blood work. DS is positive for coxsackie, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium. He had strep infections, scarlett fever and hand, foot, mouth infections. Was always sickly as toddler and caught everything going around day care. Chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies, eczema........all classic signs of inflammation. Shortly after strep, scarlett fever and hand foot mouth he developed weird be
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