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  1. Essential Oils Pandas Hope for Healing

    Hi, I've read several testimonies/blogs were essential oils cured PANS/PANDAS in children. Young Living Oils has the Raindrop technique with specific oils for autoimmune disorders. I reached out to PANDAS Hope for Healing twice last year and never got a response.
  2. Marin, CA or SF PANDAS practitioners?

    Hi packjen, I am new here too after just recently connecting the dots to my 8 y/o son's symptoms. I felt compelled to respond to your post because I am dealing with the same issues with Kaiser peds too and I'm in Atlanta, GA- even after sending them information from NIMH. My son like your daughter had multiple strep infections, scarlett fever, staph infection, Hand Foot Mouth (coxsackie) and started exhibiting odd behaviors- all before age 4. Like I said earlier I just connected to dots recently after and have been seeking help- at 8 his ADHD, tics and OCD are quite severe now. A ped at Kaiser saw him in full action tic'ing- hitting himself in the head, constant leg kicking and finger movements and still said "they don't believe in PANS. A dev ped at Kaiser refused to accept PANS and diagnosed him with ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, Expressive, Receptive Language Disorder. The most ridiculous piece is that when I took my son for the eval- he was in what I now know was a flare and was tic'ing (weird finger movements) and the dev ped asked "what is he doing"?. Seriously, you don't know and you're the professional!! But still wouldn't accept PANS. Anyway, we gave up on Kaiser and sought holistic doctors that have helped tremendously. We saw a practitioner that does kinesiology and Neurolink- who found several strains of coxsackie, influenza/rotovirus (from vaccinations), and spiro virus -no idea where this came from- but all were contributing to his neurological issues. Also said his gut, liver, spleen were damaged. She's been treating all of the above homeopathically. We've seen vast improvements-especially with the tics. We also see a naturopath who does biofeedback who confirmed he had gut, liver spleen (basically detoxification) issues. So we've added colostrum, a vaccination detox, oxygen. Eye contact, cognition, language has taken off. Another naturopath that I consult with long distance, suggested BRAVO yogurt for complete gut reboot and a natural product called Protamdin. Some relief from ADHD behaviors but it's only been a month since we started. But I can for sure say that all of the above is working because my son has a persistent rash (20 days +) and all have confirmed it's the virus' leaving his system. Hence, all of the improvements so we are extremely hopeful and prayerful we will have a complete healing. James Hopson- Inspiring Health can probably help you get started. He is in Los Angeles, CA -I'm not sure how far that is from you- but he consults long distance and is a huge support and extremely knowledgeable. You can check out his site. HIs number is 310-773-2323. He's extremely responsive and will answer any questions you have. I know he does biofeedback too so if you could get your daughter to him, he could probably pinpoint exactly what's causing her OCD. BTW, he treats a friends son and they live in Ugunda! Her son is experiencing gains too! Sorry for such a long response, but I hope I was able to help you find some relief/hope. Hang in there!
  3. Weird rash/ virus causing flare

    My son has a weird rash on his forehead and has severe tics and adhd behaviors. Took him Friday to a natural doctor who does muscle testing (kinesiology) and she said it was some new virus going around called "spiro virus". Anyway she gave a homeopathic remedy to help rid him of it. Hope this helps.
  4. Need some advice on next steps. My DS was seen by a dev ped today and was diagnosed with global dev delay and ADD. I explained that we've been seeing naturopath and MAPS doc who did hair mineral testing and blood work. DS is positive for coxsackie, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium. He had strep infections, scarlett fever and hand, foot, mouth infections. Was always sickly as toddler and caught everything going around day care. Chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies, eczema........all classic signs of inflammation. Shortly after strep, scarlett fever and hand foot mouth he developed weird behaviors (finger tics, throat clearing, a bit of OCD)......he was 4. Explained all of this to dev ped but he wasn't buying any of that. He just said we may never know what is causing his delays. At the time I had no idea what was going on and thought he was stimming and perhaps had Autism....because he has always been speech delayed. Trip to a dev ped then ruled out Autism and honestly we had been in limbo trying to help him until the blood work. But even after that, the MAPS doc didn't say it was possibly PANS she just prescribed antibiotics and green olive leaf. I thought it worked but as he gets older the symptoms are getting worse especially the ADHD and lack of focus. I'm leaning towards putting him on meds to help with the attention/focus because he's falling behind in school. My hesitation is that we are treating the coxsackie and gut issues now with BRAVO yogurt and he's doing biofeedback with Naturopath. I've seen some definite changes in his awareness and his language is improving. Should I put him on meds for the ADD until we can get the virus and gut issues cleared up? Has anyone had the same problem? I would love to hear from anyone with a DS with the same issues. Thanks!