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  1. Ruby23, So I assume you have not done further vaccinations? My son has had all of his up until this point but we will not continue them. He is 4 today. I cannot take a risk of having more vaccinations for him and his tics etc getting worse. All of this is very interesting to me..............the body is so complicated. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I read a post on here about a 'connection' between tics & eczema but that post was in 2006 and I've found nothing more recent. Has anyone else noticed a corelation between the two? I posted on here a couple of weeks ago when my son was first diagnosed with a tic. (shaking his head) He will be 4 yrs old next week. I looked back at some notes I had jotted down last year....that's about the time I first noticed his eczema. Within a week of noticing his first bit of eczema, he blinked his eyes alot for about a week....then stopped. Looking back on it, I assume that was probably a tic. His eczema is not horrible....he seems to get it more in the warm months and it's usually on the insides of his elbows, tops of ears and occassionally neck. His head shaking has seemed to subside for the most part also. I took him to a chiropractor and he said that my son had 2 vertebra out of alignment in his neck. We made 2 visits and they were back in place. He MIGHT shake his head 1 -2 times a day now. (if at all) So, my questions are, does anyone else have any experience with tics and eczema together? In the 2006 post I read, the mother took her daughter to a natureopath. I've never been to one of those but am open to doing so. Can anyone give me input on what to expect, if they are accurate and your experiences with them? Thanks, Shannon
  3. I can't really........I don't see a pattern. He did it once today while watching TV but I'm not sure if it was a real one or to get my attention. We rubbed his neck/upper back quite a bit 2 days ago and it started to ease up. He wouldn't do it at all when we rubbed his neck. We're going to the chiropractor tomorrow so HOPEFULLY that will also make a difference.
  4. I am happy to report that yesterday he only shook his head MAYBE 3 times all day and today NOTHING so far. We are so happy but realize it may very well come back at some point. I'm taking him to the chiro Tuesday. It sure can't hurt. As for the vaccinations ---- At this point I'm really considering refusing all the rest of the vaccinations. From the looks of the chart, he'll only need 4-5 more between now and when he's 12 yrs. I would never forgive myself if I took him for his 4 yr checkup and he got shots and starting the tics again and never stopped. I need to check on what I'll need to do as far as him enrolling in school without shots. Thanks
  5. I have an appointment for Wyatt at the chiropractor next week. I'm hoping that might help. My son and husband are watching TV right now and about 2 minutes ago he was shaking his head alot but now my husband is rubbing the back of his neck/upper back and it stopped. It always does when we do that. I have I'm not jinxing it. I'm really so blessed. I'm trying not to focus too much on it. I don't know if any of you have heard of or how you feel about "the secret" but I am a believer in the idea that what we put our energy into, is what comes back to us. It doesn't do any good to focus on anything negative anyway. We all have amazing children and God made them the way they are for a reason. I'll moniter the movies thing from now on. He's seen movies before and never had a problem. I sure hope he didn't inherit my 'worrying'. That's no fun for anyone.
  6. One more thing..............the night he started doing this 'head shaking' thing, we had taken him to see a movie. It was a PG movie and we took him for Valentines day---looking back on it, I wouldn't take him to see that movie again as it was a little too much. (Spiderwick Chronicles) It probably would have worked better for a 6+ age. He's not one to be scared of monsters and stuff (this movie had some goblins and a few kind of scary parts) and he never has acted like it bothered him at all. However, the first time I ever noticed his head shake thing, was at this movie. It hasn't stopped since. (that was a week and 1 day ago) He's been to movies before. (Cars, Alvin & Chipmonks, Waterhorse etc)
  7. Hi -- yes, he had a temp and at the pedi office they did a strep test and it was negative. That was the doctors thought, that it might be strep. Turns out it was just some sort of virus that ran it's course I guess. Interesting though about your child. Thanks for replying to my post.
  8. Thanks Moms for your support. It gives me peace to know that I can talk to you all and you can relate. The eye blinking may have been around the time of his vaccinations. That whole topic is so 'iffy' to me-----I hear conflicting info on vaccinations all the time. I've been on both sides of the issue. That's a slippery slope. I'll keep an eye on him for his next set. Is he above average for his age-----I don't know to be quite honest. He may be in some areas--he's been talking pretty well since before he was 2 years old (and hasn't stopped! lol) and he is very interested in mechanics of things. (car parts, train parts, engines, how things are built etc) At the same time, he can't count past number 11 and only recognizes about 4 letters of the alphabet-------so, I don't know. We're pretty strict with him as far as manners etc go so maybe he feels stress from that but that seems silly. It's nothing new that we're strict about that. When we rub his neck he doesn't do it at all. That's interesting to me. I think I might look into chiropractic and see if that helps at all. Thanks again! Shannon (Wyatts mom)
  9. Thank you ladies for your posts and help. I'll answer some of the questions you asked and we'll go from there: He's doing well overall.......of course with this diagnosis I feel like I'm second guessing everything he does. (if he asks me the same question a few times I wonder if that's also a tic, if he doesn't sit still I wonder if it's ADHD..............I'm over thinking all of this!) He's a typical little boy......he's very busy and always has been. He's very imaginative, loves trains and knows the different types of railcars etc. He's not in preschool, I stay home with him and have since he was born. He did go to Mothers Day out 2 days a week last fall. He has been sleeping pretty well lately at night. I haven't been inforcing naps alot lately so I know he's kind of grumpy because of that. We did just move (within the same area) so we've been really busy with stuff. He has seemed fine with the transistion---loves the house---we moved to 5 acres and he loves being outside. No digestive problems. He does have some eczema/dry itchy skin that comes and goes but sea salt in his diet seems to help. He's growing well. Seasonal allergies........possibly but not noticed yet -- maybe as he gets older. He had some sort of virus the week this started----fever of about 101 and poor appetite. That lasted a couple of days. Last vaccines were when he turned 2 I think --- didn't have any at his 3 yr ckup. He's been on antibiotics only once ---for a staph infection. (from infected mosquito bite) About a year and a 1/2 ago, he did have a week where he blinked his eyes a lot. I thought he was just being silly or something once I realized his vision wasn't in question --- that may have very well been a tic also. That's the only other time I've noticed anything. You mentioned cutting out artificial flavors, colors, etc............I don't even know how to start that..........should I just stick with pure juices, non hormone milk, etc? He's never been a big candy eater but I'm already planning to limit sugars and increase his water intake. I really don't know where to begin with this. Thanks again!
  10. Hi, my son will be 4 years old next month and he was diagnosed with having a tic today. He's been shaking his head (like saying 'no') for a week. His pediatrician said it's an uncommon tic but it still a tic. Part of me feels silly for making such a big deal of this and part of me feels so sad for him, worried, confused etc. My hope is that it goes away. My understanding is that that happens sometimes. I know very little about tics. I know the basics but I don't know what triggered his (no major tics known in our family). Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks -
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