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  1. Hi! What a great brother you are for reaching out to help your sibling. Mold is DEFINITELY a trigger and there are many who have improved after getting out of mold (first and foremost) and then detoxing the mold from the body. There is a urine test that can help to determine if your brother has mold toxicity. It's from Real Time Labs and measures the mold toxins that he excretes in a urine sample. The important thing though is to "stir up" the toxins in the body before taking the test. To do this my son's doctor had him take liposomal glutathione (1 tsp. oral glutathione) everyday for one week
  2. My son has been on doxy and minocycline separately (same abx family) for months. My son has Lyme and Babesia and our #1 issue is tics. We seem to cycle for months from bad to worse with his tics with the bad being the best we've been able to get. However, recently we've stumbled on a couple things that have shed some light and are giving some hope: 1) Diflucan for yeast -- we have hit the yeast hard recently and stopped antibiotics for about a month after an allergic reaction and we have not noticed an increase in tics 2) stopped probiotics and supplements - seems like giving him a little brea
  3. Hi! So good that you uncovered the mycoplasma and potentially Lyme. I believe you have an appt with Amy Smith next week correct? If so, that's exactly where you want to start and she will be very able to help you deal with mycoplasma (with the right antibiotics and/or combination of antibiotics) and she'll be able to look at your Lyme results to advise you further in that area. Amy recently moved offices - she was previously located in the same office as my son's LLMD but if she feels you need to see an LLMD she will advise you. For now, you should tackle that mycoplasma asap with antibiotics
  4. We are in the midst of battling Lyme as well...it's dreadful. There are some serious lyme experts on this forum so hopefully they will chime in to help you more than I can... However, I can tell you that we had a similar experience with Flagyl - major herxing and my son's tic went bonkers. We had to stop. I've been advised by many on this and other forums that when tackling lyme go low and slow. Sounds like she is responding to the change in treatment but you may just need to go slower. I don't think I would add the third antibiotic until things settle down for her. You should also try a b
  5. Hi! I just replied to your PM - and I recommended Amy among others. PM me back if you have any questions.
  6. My son has Lyme (and Babesia) as well - sorry that your daughter is going through this, it's really horrible. When I read your post two things come to mind: 1) sounds like lots of steroids while treating lyme and 2) definitely sounds like candida. As far as #1 is concerned...I have been told that steroids are definitely helpful and sometimes absolutely necessary to get inflammation down. However, steroids do suppress the immune system so they are not the first line of defense for lyme. From what I understand many experience a major flare in lyme symptoms while on steroids because of the im
  7. My son is on multiple abx in his battle against lyme - and we are constantly fighting yeast. We use several natural yeast fighters (Candicidal and Kolorex and we switch these out each week - Candicidal one week and Kolrex the next) he also take two Florastor capsules daily, multiple probiotics and garlic. I'm researching caprylic acid as well and may add that to the mix too. it's a beast that is hard to tame.
  8. Hi!! You mentioned an herbal antibiotic...what is that? Just wanted to keep it noted in my files for 'some day' when we are out of the woods. :-) Thanks!
  9. Here is what the website states... Dosing The dose of this medicine will be different for different patients. Follow your doctor's orders or the directions on the label. The following information includes only the average doses of this medicine. If your dose is different, do not change it unless your doctor tells you to do so. The amount of medicine that you take depends on the strength of the medicine. Also, the number of doses you take each day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you take the medicine depend on the medical problem for which you are using the m
  10. My son was just prescribed low dose naltrexone (LDN), which we will start next week. Have you looked into that? Regarding Naproxen...I have heard that some do much better on naproxen than ibuprofen. 2 -3 times a day at full dose.
  11. Hi vvny, I was researching LDN and was wondering how your kiddo is doing on it? I believe you were trying to address tics - did it help?
  12. Very interesting and exciting! Did either of your daughters have tics with their Lyme symptoms?
  13. Tj21, What treatment ended up working for your son? We've been treating Lyme since May and my son is getting only minor minor relief in his tics. How long did you treat PANS before your son's head jerks went away? Just looking for a success story as I feel hopeless sometimes that his tics will never go away.
  14. Does anyone know what it means if absolute neutrophils are low on blood test? My son tested low this week so his doc wants to retest in a week to see if still low. If he's still low I'm told he will need to start a shark liver oil supplement - huh??? What is that? Anyone know if low absolute neutrophils is a big deal and/or what can be done to improve?
  15. My son has babesia and our doc has him on Alinia and BAB-1 herbals. We started Alinia 4 weeks ago with a quarter pill and within the hour he started herxing. He was able to push through and after 2 weeks we added another 1/4 so he was on 1/2 tab. I think I pushed it too fast because I added another 1/4 yesterday and he's really struggling. His target dose is 1/2 pill twice a day so we're close but I don't anticipate bumping him up again to that last 1/4 pill for a couple of weeks - assuming he can push through this current herx - I may need to step him back to give him a break. Haven't even be
  16. Hi, did you receive a referral for a Southern California doc? I can PM you with some recommendations if not...
  17. Be careful with docs prescribing clonidine for tics. Before we knew my son had PANS from Lyme a neurologist was trying to treat him for a tic disorder - she prescribed clonidine, which only made him worse -- so she kept bumping up the dosage. When we got past adult level dosage she then moved him to Risperdal and eventually added guanfacine. This went on for a period of about 3 months during which time my son spiraled so far down that I was very scared. We moved on to an integrative medicine doctor that removed all of the poison (her words) and began treating him for PANDAS and eventually test
  18. Which probiotics do you like that work against strep? That would be interesting to me to look into... Also, I've been told that there are antibiotic mouthwashes that could be made at a compounding pharmacy. I'm looking into that as well.
  19. Hi everyone, My DS9 has had 5 strep infections on 6 months...all have been treated with abx and within a month or two back again. We have decided to move forward with T&A in two weeks. I mentioned this to his orthodontist and she said that we should remove his palate expander before his procedure. I inquired why and she said that the dental expanders carry a lot of bacteria that would not be good with a tonsillectomy. It got me thinking...my son has had 3 strep infections since getting the expander installed...I think the expander is carrying bacteria that is reinfecting him. I mention
  20. I think I saw the article he wrote from a post you put up awhile back :-)
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