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  1. Hello, New to the forum and I have a 16 year old that was diagnosed with Lyme using FISH testing as well as PANDAS using the Cunningham Panel. He tested positive for four out of the 5 antibodies they look for in guiding the clinical diagnosis of PANDAS. He also had sudden onset OCD, separation anxiety, ADD and now as an adolescent depression. His symptoms morphed with each repeat strep infection (5 in total) and became somewhat compounded. As it is now, he is being treated by a psychiatrist for depression, ADD and OCD and until recently was taking Prosac and Vyvance. I took him off all meds after 6 months of Lyme treatment to see if there was any marked improvement and there has not been. His OCD is manifesting with subtle, yet persistent, obsessions as well as consumption of sugar. He is apathetic, listless, unmotivated and ultimately...depressed. He has had two brain CT's and one MRI for an isolated seizure and spontaneous pneumomediastinum and all three images showed a persistent, opacified sphenoid sinus. What makes this interesting is that these scans span a period of two years and this sinus is still opaque!! Could it be strep? He was on Azithromycin for 3 months but the ENT we are seeing for his tonsils (who is not qualified to remark on his sinus apparently) said that it doesn't effectively treat strep. Could my son have a chronic strep infection in his sinus that is preventing him from responding to treatment? Any advise on what to suggest to the sinus ENT that we see next month would be appreciated. Samsmom
  2. Hello, My son has Lyme disease confirmed with lab testing and Bartonella as well as PANDAS from strep and an occluded sinus that has not responded to treatment these last six months. He sees Alexis Chesney at Sojourns Medical in Southern Vermont for the Lyme disease and she is also becoming increasingly aware of treatment for PANS. Good Luck!
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