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  1. My son is 5. He has been having a combination of tics and OCD-like behaviors escalating since April. He has recently been having a lot of emotional lability and has been very needy to the point of wanting help with most activities of daily living. I am no stranger to autoimmune diseases, as I have Multiple Sclerosis. Red flags are going off, making me think we might be dealing with PANDAS/PANS. My husband and I are trying so hard to be compassionate and understanding with my son, but sometimes his current behavior is very disruptive. It is hard not to feel angry sometimes...Watching him go through this sudden change in personality and behavior is breaking my heart. I am a physician, but no longer practice, due to my MS. I have never seen anything like what is happening to my son. I feel roadblocked, as it is clear that there are not a lot of docs with expertise in this illness. Please PM me, if you are in Southeast MI and have the name of a good provider to help rule this in or out and possibly initiate treatment. Thank you so much.
  2. My 5 year old son has recently developed many symptoms consistent with PANDAS/PANS. He has frequent vocal and complex motor tics that are affecting daily activities. Frequent urination. More frequent nightmares. Dysgraphia. I could go on, but I really just need a referral to a provider who can wade through this with me and help figure out what is going on with my little dude. The stress of feeling helpless to find the right resources is really awful. We live in southeast MI. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as he is starting KG in the fall and I want to get him as much help as possible, before that. Thank you!!!
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