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  1. Hi there everyone, I'm not even sure where to being... new here, first post, but I've been reading for awhile. And have read the Natural Treatments book with helped a lot in the beginning of summer.... I'm posting in the PANS forum because my 9 year old daughter had an infection that potentially started all of this back in February.... bad tummy bug, sick for weeks. Ended up in the ER. Never a diagnosis of what that was -- and she missed and additional 15 days of school after that week... intermittently. I remember "that day" -- when my high energy, extrovert, fearless child asked me to check to see if the doors were locked and if I would go check them... What's THAT? Suddenly paranoid her teacher hated her, was afraid of her...said she would lay down and night have have scary thoughts + anxiety. Just totally not her. I know as a mom who wants to figure this out I could be reaching -- maybe she was just sick. And maybe her gut issues have brought on neurotrasmitter imbalance. Candida IS an issue. She has had tummy issues for a long time. Off wheat since 5. C-section baby. She has had strep A several times, strep g a few times... BUT this last bug seems to be the culprit for the onset of tics and anxiety. . More gut issues, sensitivity to foods, chemicals, dyes, TV -- all erupted after this virus. But anxiety onset was notable and marked with the anxiety. I'm a bit of a basket case trying to figure out what her triggers are... I've cut so much food out. Had her tested for delayed food sensitivity a month ago which tightened her up even more... the diet her symptoms better -- less ticcing, less neck stretching... when off sugars, carbs, grains... She is on Lauricidin since June, Vitamin C and Magnesim, Megaspore since August per her doc... I recently added Biocin back in... in because it appears to help. I added a broad spectrum probiotic and this was NOT a good thing... I'm worried she's got d-lactate issues in addition to all of this. 2 days on that and a new eye roll came on board. I worry I overdosed her on probiotics during the sickness in February and beyond... she ate tons of yogurt everyday (that was home made) plus I was looking for a probiotic to help her with constipation... yes it had the strep stain (is that an issue?) Really at a loss.... feeling so out of control and as you all know, so hard on her. Now for the past month she's had a rash under her nose -- her docs office thought "oh just yeast detoxing"... ok -- well after messing around with this and that cream, colloidal silver, it appears that it's impetigo. Reading now there is a correlation. The walkin doc gave us bactroban -- and Keflex if it doesn't clear up by Saturday. Freaking out, and I'm sitting on this script -- thinking omg maybe she SHOULD be on this? Her tummy has been so bad and finally although she's ticcing -- she isn't suffering as much in her tummy with the strict diet and supps. Of course -- no one to talk to. So finally getting on here. I need to find a doctor somewhere that can help us out, do the right testing. I'm plugged in for food allergies and neurotransmitter testing which I'll do NT tomorrow morning... Thank you in advance -- I appreciate this place more than I can say.
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