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  1. I just started taking CBD oil yesterday for my PANS. The main symptom I am looking to improve is my severe anxiety and panic, and I'm hoping it may help with pain as I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts and I get a lot of back pain, joint pain, which could also be from PANS as well. I have been having a rough time this year and have been sick very much even when I was still on Augmentin. I tried an antiviral and had a horrible reaction and so we decided to try the CBD oil. I am 24, weigh 170lbs or so, and I have started out with 2 squirts (which is 1mg) 6x a day. Which is only 6mg a day.
  2. Hi there, thank you so much for your response. I have not been tested for lyme/coinfections other than what I listed (mycoplasma, coxsackie, etc). My sister was tested for Lyme and I don't believe she came back positive for it. We had a pretty bad mold problem in our house, just adding this in, and we were able to kind of remodel and get rid of the mold so hopefully that will help her. Where I currently live I think there is mold that is affecting me, and I'm moving in less than 2 weeks so that's good too. I may look into asking my doctor about testing for Lyme. I haven't done any gene
  3. Hi there. First time posting here though I've been reading for quite awhile. I have been dealing with what might be adult PANS for a long time now. I figured I would post to join a conversation about these issues I deal with, as well as maybe find some people in similar situations, or people with an understanding of my situation, my labs, and what medicines I'm taking. In short, I've been sick all my life. I'm 24 now. As a kid I got sick all the time. In the 8th/9th grade I had strep (possibly more than once), as well as mono, and in 8th grade I started to develop pretty serious anxiety, O
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