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  1. Hello- My son has been doing great & today started a tic explosion with lots of blinking & a rash all over his face. I just did some searching and came across something on salicylic acid, which we have been putting on his foot (17% solution) for his two warts for 4 days now. Could this be causing the blinking & extreme emotional sensitivity we have seen? I am amazed!!! And... feeling a little silly for not even seeing the connection before now. Any feedback would be so appreciated!!! Thanks, Jeanne
  2. Hello there- We have started taking our son to a chiropractor. She practices NUCCA, but said she wanted to take 2-3 x-rays. I am very hesitant to expose my son to anything out of the ordinary, as he seems so sensitive & will sometimes tic more after being exposed to "intense" things. I asked her to hold off, let me research it & in the meantime, could she just adjust him. She agreed and "cracked" him. Today, maybe 15-20 times total he has thrown his head back. We haven't seen this tic in months. It was still mild, but now it has me rethinking. Perhaps NUCCA would indeed be better. Did any of you who have used NUCCA need an x-ray as well? Have you ever found it to increase tics? Could this just be "getting worse before he gets better?" Thanks for your insights, Jeanne
  3. This is a great topic My 7 year old blinks, chews his fingers & urinates frequently. In the past he has licked his hands at times , chewed his tongue, & nodded his head. He is very into music and very emotional/sensitive He appears to have photo sensitivity issues as well, after the whole firework ordeal. Thanks for the insights, Jeanne
  4. hi faith- i gave it to him july 6th, in the midst of his worse blinking spell ever. he stopped on the 7th... jeanne
  5. great! is it something you gave everyday or just "as needed"? thanks for your support , chemar!!! jeanne
  6. Just thought I would give you an update on my son, who started blinking like crazy & chewing his fingers after watching 4th of July fireworks. Exactly three days to the minute he stopped!! It was amazing!! I was going crazy(thanks for all of your support!) so I am feeling REALLY,REALLY thankful to have him back to"normal". He still does some mild tongue chewing, but that does not drive me up a wall like the hard blinking. I will say during the midst of all of this I started him on L-Carnitine. I know it makes some kids edgy, but I thought I would try it & see- hard to say if he just came out of it or if the L-carnitine helped. We are doing so much, we may never know exactly what helps him & why, but feeling better that he is 95% improved from what we went through this winter. Faith- to answer your questions- he watched for 20 minutes & it was actually two sets on both sides of us, so this back & forth movement may ahve something to do with it, on top of the lights, dark sky & noise. Guess I know what we WON"T be doing next 4th!! Wishing you all peace & health, Jeanne
  7. Hi all- I posted yesterday about my son blinking since seeing fireworks on 4th of July. He has been blinking ever since and I now officially feel my anxiety at an all time high!!! This winter I dedicated my life to helping find answers for my son- allergy tests, strep tests, food changes, nystatin, weekly NAET treatments(dragging my 4 kids 2 hours each week), probiotics, digestive enzymes every time he eats, bonnie's, nothing artificial, no sugar. We have modified our life more ways than I can even articulate- no movies, tv, flashing video games, etc,etc,etc, as I am sure you can all relate!! NOw he is doing this hard blink , chewing his fingers and I feel like SCREAMING!!!!!!!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Could you hear that? ha ha He was doing GREAT-And now, because I wasn't even thinking fireworks would be a trigger (he started ticcing last August) we are right back at square one & I have to watch my son do this again. I think I need help, as I actually did the unthinkable and raised my voice at him to stop blinking as today we have done a nap, herbs & an epsom salts bath. I hate the way I feel inside right now & I feel like I am failing him miserably!! It feels like no matter what I do it isn't enough... I really thought we were in a good place & just like that he is blinking harder than ever. In the past triggers have sent him into 3 days spells- so perhaps he will come out of this? Does anyone have ANY hope at all to offer a pretty hopeless mom right now(which by the way is not the norm for me) Thanks you guys, Jeanne
  8. Hi there- Just wanted to take a quick informal poll... Did anyone else experience their child blinking intensely at the sight of fireworks last night? My son, age 7 has been doing great, though we stay away from tv & videos altogether anymore, as he will start blinking right away.. he can play webkinz on the computer & seems fine. But, last night we went to fireworks and he immediately started in. It is just so interesting to me & I am curious if the "flashing lights" were a trigger for anyone else's child? Also, any thoughts on what this means? Any likelihood this means it is more TS than a tic disorder??? Thanks, Jeanne
  9. Hi Faith- I'm not entirely sure what she means by "emotional clearing", that's why I am posting, in hopes of shedding more light on it!! I think a lot of it is indeed emotional for my son & I do believe NAET treatments have helped. It is a healing therapy using energy. The basic 15 are cleared 1st (Vitamin C, egg mix, sugar, corn, wheat, B vitmains to name a few) but she has had emotional stuff come up for him that she muscle tests him for/clears him.. and he seems better. He hasn't blinked in 3 weeks, though does some mild tongue chewing & wiping his mouth on his sleeve. Hey- I'll take it next to the constant blinking which drives me crazy!! Also, I do believe the TS Control has helped enormously!!! Before this we were doing everything I mentioned in my earlier post, but didn't see results. We haven't cheated with wheat yet, but he did have a hot dog (no bun) at the ball park& seemed fine, and twice he has had vanilla ice cream (we have limited all sugar because of the yeast issues & he is on nystatin for 6 months. Great Plains suggested many things- Gluten free diet, low sugar diet,B vitamins, nystatin for 6 months, high doses of vitamin C, EFAs, digestive enzymes, etc. After you do testing you get to consult with their nutritionist for 1/2 hour free of charge. So, bottom line, what is helping??? Not 100% sure , though I tend to feel it all makes a difference, with NAET & BONNIE'S at the top of the list. Hope this helps & thanks for your feedback, Jeanne
  10. This is my first time posting & I want everyone to know how much your posts have helped me over the last 9 months!! I have learned so much & would love to get some feedback regarding whether or not to go forward with an MRI for my 6 (almost 7 ) year old son. Let me give a brief history... In Aug, of last year my son woke up one day just blinking like crazy, then he began clearing his throat & making some strange noises. The noises went away, but the blinking did not. I consulted with someone who knew a lot about autism & developmental disorders and she asked me if he craved sugar & had dark cirlces under his eyes- indeed he did!!! He then began chewing his tongue (wow!!!) and nodding his head back, not a lot, but it was alarming. It was a VERY long winter for me (and Ben). We eventually had all sorts of test run through Great Plains Lab and discovered several things that could be contributing to Ben's tics- no IGE allergies, but tested very high to IGG with wheat, gluten, gliadin & peanuts. He has been free of all of these foods for 3-4 months now. He also tested positive to yeast- so we are 3 months into a 6 month course of nystatin. He tested neg to strep stuff (though recently started having to use the bathroom really frequently, which I know can be a sign of PANDAS- ) I also have him on Bonnie's TS Control , EFAs & magnesium. He takes digestive enzymes, a probiotic & eats no artificial anything, very limited sweets & no television at all (major trigger). Once a week I have been driving all four of my kids 1 hour to see a NAET practitioner. We have noticed HUGE improvements- hard to say whether it is vitamins or NAET- I think it may be both, but not sure it matters as I am just so happy to have my son back. Today we even went to our swimming pool (chlorine)& I was so concerned he would start in, but he DIDN'T!!! Here are my questions, and I would really appreciate any feedback. We recently met with a neurologist who did NOT push meds, was supportive of our course of action ( I even told her about the NAET treatments), but she did suggest an MRI to rule out anything on his basal ganglia (sp?). He would lay there for 45 minutes. Childserve would be there to help us through it. I know that stress increases my sons tics, so I am concerned to put him through such a procedure when I feel fairly certain there isn't some other cause for his tics (he still chews his tongue & wipes his face on his shoulder 10-20% of the time) But.. the truth is, I am not a DR. & I don't know if there could be another cause What have the rest of you done in terms of an MRI- do you see the benefit of ruling things out worth the stress on a child of having to lay in a loud machine? My gut tells me to cancel it, but I don't want to regret it later if we miss something. Also, though for those of you who have done NAET treatments, did you find emotions or even past developmental experiences needing to be cleared? This seems to keep coming up for my son- lots of emotions, perhaps even more than all of the allergy/food stuff? This is the main reason why I am so concerned to put him through a stressful procedure. You guys are amazing!! Thanks for being there, Jeanne
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