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  1. Thank you so much for your responses/feedback! I had my intake phone call today with Rogers. He felt pretty certain my son would be recommended for the full day program. I feel much better about it after hearing from you all and asking questions today. My son has been in CBT for 2 years, but nothing is touching this extreme OCD. They said it is about a month waitlist right now....hoping we can hang on that long! Any recommendations on where to stay? Is the area around Rogers safe for me and my son alone? Or should I be looking farther out? Not familiar with Tampa at all.
  2. I am hoping you ladies can help! I am trying to decide whether or not to take my son to Rogers in Tampa for OCD treatment. My son has severe germ/contamination fears....he does not touch anyone/anything, changes clothes often, uses a case of baby wipes every couple of days to wipe his hands, restricts his food, will not sit on furniture and the list goes on. He was officially diagnosed in January, but his symptoms started 18 moths ago. He is not have as many pandas symptoms as he did, but he has not been able to lose the OCD despite months of treatment with antibiotics and antivirals. In fact,
  3. My son took Seroquel one time. Per doctor's orders, I gave him 1/4 dose (appx 6 mg) at 8:00pm because "it will make him very sleepy". Haha! He was up until 3:00am wiping and cleaning his room. His OCD is mostly germ/contamination fears. The Seroquel made it 10x worse. I never gave it again! That was our experience....although like everything else, I'm sure it is different for every kid.
  4. My son is on Augmentin ER 1000mg, 2x a day. He has never taken cedifnir, so I can't compare the 2. I worry about the gut issues too, but use probiotics and do the best I can with his diet. He is very limited with food, so this is very hard! Just curious, were you able to get BCBS to pay for your son's IVIG? I am staring to explore IVIG for my son, but am hesitant due to cost.
  5. Hi- I don't have a lot of input for you, but I have taken my son to Dr. Rao for one appointment. He was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about PANDAS. He spent almost an hour talking to me and my son, explaining PANDAS and treatment options. There were a few reasons we decided not to pursue treatment with him at this time: #1- He didn't take our insurance (BCBS), so continued treatment was going to be very expensive. But he does take many others. #2- Office wait times- We waited 1.5 hours after our appt. time to see him. I'm ok with this if it is the exception...unfortunately, I have h
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