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  1. My daughter has had severe tics for about 10 months. Her peds suspected PANDAS. Her ASO test came back high. He put her on Omnicef and it was like a miracle. Every symptom went away. 2 days after she stopped the medication her tics came back and within 2 weeks were worse then before. He then tried Amox which did nothing. I pretty much begged him to try Omnicef one more time and she has only been on them 3 days and already almost all tics are gone. He said this antibiotic is too strong to continue and that he wont write another script for it and I need to see a specialist. I'm so scared on what
  2. My 8 year old daughter started having tics overnight last summer. We went from doctor to doctor and they kept telling us tourettes. Her doctor then decided to test your ASO and it came back high. He started her on Cefdinir and within days almost all tics were gone and by day 7 they were completely gone. She was on the medication for 10 days. 1 day after we stopped the medication they started coming back and within a week they were back to being as bad as they were before. He said it was bad to do Cefdinir again and he did Amoxicillin. 10 days into Amoxicillin it has helped some but nothing lik
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