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  1. Hi James . We have a very similar history . I've been sick for almost two years with strep and coninfections. While I don't have OCD I suffer from anxiety , depression , muscle aches , twitching and foot pain. I strongly feel I have Bart . I've tried mc bar products and Byron white . The Byron white products ended up being too strong for me . I was bed bound after only two drops for almost a month! I am looking into Buhner as well but my new doc wants me to try ozone , uvl, silver and possibly iv chelation. I was thinking of trying Andy cutlers chelation program but not sure if I have the pati
  2. Maybe I'll give Augemntin XR a try next. I started bicillin shots yesterday. I still have white stuff all over my tonsils. Everytime I get them swabbed its negative but my ASO is rising again. This is a complete an utter nightmare. My body aches are the worst.
  3. Still really struggling! I was taking pencillin VK 250mg 4xs a day and my ASO dropped from 400 to 340 but now it's back up to 349. I also constantly have white ulcer like pus on my right tonsil. My llmd just started me on bicillin shots (2x weekly)...given I've had these throat issues for over a year maybe its time to consider a tonsilectomy but I am such a chicken. At 29 I am so scared the recovery would be too tough. My doc also says there is no promise it will resolved my ASO and body ache issue. I was thinking of trying the bicillin and then adding in zith or something else...thoughts?
  4. Yes please can you PM the name to me? Thank you!
  5. I am so lost and confused. I don't feel like any of my treatments are working. I don't know if it's because I am not patient enough or I am going to the wrong doctors . Below is a summary of my treatment: I finally found a lyme literate doctor who suspects mycoplasma and possible babesia although I live in NYC and spend very little time hiking, etc. She initially put me on minocycline for about a month but it was giving me bad heartburn so we switched to zith. After being on zith for 5 days (250mg twice daily) I had what felt like a psychotic episode and was bedridden for 2 weeks. In hindsig
  6. Anyone have recommendations for a good doc who will treat chronic strep and possibly Lyme in nyc?
  7. I still have my tonsils are they are often inflamed with white spots. That has been the one notable symptom, along with severe muscle aches, since I got sick last year following dental work. I am absolutely horrified to get them out since so many adults have post-op complications. I go to an llmd and she's tested me for everything under the sun. The igenex lyme test didn't come back positive. She thinks its a possibility I have it but can't say with certainty. The only thing that comes back abnormal in my bloodwork is a high strep (ASO) titer that lurks around 400. My muscle aches ar
  8. I realize this is a forum for PANDAS but I am still in desperate need for some guidance and support for what seems to be incurable strep. I'm 28 and last spring shortly after dental work I started having severe achy muscles , fatigue, and white stuff on my tonsils. I had never tested positive for strep via a throat culture but my ASO titer remains in the 400 range. I have been on over 10 different antibiotics but the ASO shoots back up. My tonsils are constantly inflamed with white patches. My doctor convinced me I may have lyme and had me on minocyline for months ( which does nothing for stre
  9. Anyone here of a newer procedure called a laser tonsil ablation in lieu of a tonsillectomy? I am a 28 year old adult thinking of giving it a try. I've had throat infections for 10 months now accompanied by severe muscle aches, fatigue, depression , panic attacks. Have been on over 15 antibiotics. ASO titer remains high. Next step is tonsillectomy which frightens me. Laser seems like it may be a good step? Any thoughts?
  10. I've thought about mercury toxicity but since antibiotics seem to help my symptoms I really think my issue is more infectious. But at this point I won't rule anything out. It's just odd that all these issue began after dental work (root canals for the first time)...and my biggest symptom is a sore throat..swollen tonsils..muscle aches..while lyme could definitely be at play I think a high ASO titer and ongoing throat infections could mean chronic strep that my body just can't eradicate. After yanking three of my teeth out at 28 I don't want to take my tonsils out for no reason ! Especially if
  11. Thank you all. I guess I'm trying to figure out my next steps. I have been on various antibiotics for almost 10 months and nothing seems to bring my ASO titer down for good. It's back up from 350 to 400. I have also taken a ton of herbals. Do I consider getting my tonsils out? The fatigue, aches, fogginess, etc. are unbearable!
  12. Hi All! New here. For the past few weeks I have been reading through some of the previous threads started on adult PANDAS. I am looking for some support and guidance. I fell ill last June shortly after dental work. My main symptoms were throat infections, deep muscle aches, unrelenting fatigue, and an overall feeling like I was toxic and may slowly die. I was put on over 8 different antibiotics and while they seemed to help for a few days my throat infection and all my other symptoms would return. It wasn’t until I finally met a doctor who told me I should get my root canal teeth extrac
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