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  1. kallik First of all, thanks for taking an interest in the acupuncture treatment recommended in this website that I have tried before to finally & totally get my non-stop eye-blinking sickness cured. In fact, I have posted some articles on the acupuncture methods in certain websites over the net and my confidence in the effectiveness of this acupuncture technique that I recommend is built upon the very fact of the final recovery (which can be observed within weeks & a few months ) of dozens of such people in my real life over the past few years who have suffered persistent
  2. I tried Botox injections before to deal with my non-stop eye-blinking sickness. At first, it did reduce the blinkings of my eyes to a great extent. But once the effect of each injection (which last 3 - 6 months each) lost totally, the eye-blinking symptom would just come back, for the very fact that Botox medication would just sort of 'half-paralyse' the muscles around the blinking eyes without doing anything curative to the nerves around the eye organ that control its 'eyelid movements'. One more thing is that Botox medication tends to get immunized by the human body, and it thus would me
  3. Dear jcandkc, I have read through your post. In my opinion,your daughter is having such a symptom called photophobia (pain in the eye resulting from exposure to bright light ) which in turn causes her non-stop eye blinkings. For your information, I have suffered from the similar sickness a few years ago through allergy & overdosage of certain medications that carry muscle spasms side effects which in turn caused my eyes to blink non-stop from time to time whilst I in turn simply have no ways of dealing with such uncontrollable eyelid-twitching movements. I have sought numerous
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