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  1. Oops sorry, posted before I was finished. In the week before the frequent urination started, I had bullous impetigo from infected insect bites and was treated with anti-biotics. I believe that bullous impetigo isn't usually strep A but can be strep B but I could be wrong. Anyway, when I took my son to the doctors in early March, he did blood tests and my son did have an elevated strep titres. The GP gave us 7 days antibiotics, but at the time we started taking the antibiotics the tics were much much reduced (but never completely gone) and remained so whilst on the antibiotics. It wasn't un
  2. Thank you for your replies - it is very much appreciated. The house we have moved to is an old house that has been renovated in the last 10 years. There is mold on a very old window in his bedroom - when I made the potential connection a couple of days ago, I've moved him to sleep (with his dad) in our sleep out which doesn't have any mold in the hope that will resolve things. We will deal with the mold on the window as a matter of urgency. Other potential triggers - he had a hepatitis B vaccine two days before the frequent urination started as part of New Zealand's standard vaccinatio
  3. Hello, 6 weeks ago my 5 year old son started sniffing/snorting -and gurgling noises and then jerking his neck. They both started within days of each other - I have never seen him do any other kind of tic before this. It coincided with us moving half way across the world to a new home, and starting at a new school. He is not a particularly anxious child and so this behaviour has come out of the blue for me - although his dad did have some minor tics as a child. The neck jerking he is doing is violent and happening at least every minute, and sometimes two or three times in a row. Anyway,
  4. Hello, Thank you for all the info in this forum - I am trying to take it all in but so difficult as I am so exhausted/frightened about what has happened to my 5 year old boy in recent weeks. All of a sudden he has developed severe urinary frequency issues and within 2 weeks of that, severe motor and verbal tics. He is also drooling and chewing on toys, fingers etc all the time. Our story in short. We just moved half way round the world from UK to my husband's native New Zealand in January. It was supposed to be the start of a wonderful new life but somehow it has turned into a nightma
  5. Anneio My 5 year old son is having terrible problems with excessive need to wee. (It started 8 weeks ago, along with significant nightmares, and sleep disturbance and then 3 weeks later, vocal and motor tics). He has no history of any OCD type behaviour or tics, or any other developmental issues for that matter. The doctor did a blood test for strep and found elevated titres and he was treated with anti-biotics for a week. Symptoms improved (but not the excessive weeing) but two weeks later, it is worse than ever. He can go to the toilet once a minute at times - very little comes out.
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