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  1. We are located in Ontario, Canada, and I am going back to my family doctor next week and am hoping for a referral to someone that could help us. At least to get that process going. My doctor is usually pretty good about referring. But I'm not sure who to ask to be referred to. Are there any doctors in Ontario that specialize in this? What about at sick kids hospital? I also asked to join the Facebook group for Ontario Pandas support several days ago, but haven't been accepted yet. Anyone know who I can contact about that?
  2. Chubbermommy - Do you know how I can get access to that Facebook group? Still waiting for approval. pr40 - Thanks, that is what I plan to do. Like I said, I was travelling, and my husband took my daughter and my husband said my doctor didn't seem to know what PANDAS was, so I am planning on taking her back after I am back from my trip, armed with some articles, to see what he thinks. I hope he is open to trying some treatment or at least testing her, because... maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm not, this could be damaging her brain.....
  3. I did request access. Just waiting for approval
  4. I was trying to find doctors in Ontario that deal with PANDAS and it seems that there is one at sick kids (which I'm sure will be years to get into) and another in Newmraket called Dr. Brill. Has anyone seen her? How was the wait to get in? My doctor would likely be open to referring us there, just wondering if she is good and how long the wait is.
  5. Yes, I spoke with my husband more and he said he got the impression that our Dr wasn't really sure what PANDAS was, or hadn't heard of it. I am going to book her another appointment as apparently it will be 2-4 months for the neurologist.
  6. We live in Ontario, so don't think that doctor can helps us. My family doctor is usually pretty up on literature and trends etc. Apparently it will be 2-4 months my husband said for the pediatric neurologist (I'm actually shocked it isn't longer), but am worried in the meantime to wait any longer... I may take her back to the doctor myself when I get back and push for more testing. It is so hard when I don't want to wait and chance things getting worse.
  7. Hello, Here is our story. Our daughter is now 9. About a year ago she started two tics. One is a low moan and one is a nose crinkle. They were very mild and not very often. We would notice them maybe once a week or so. No one outside of our family ever even noticed. However, last week, she literally woke up one day with two brand new tics. An eye opening one where she opens here eyes super wide and holds them open for a few seconds, and another where she abruptly turns her head to one side, looks up and then rolls her eyes. These tics are very often. She does them many times per minute at times. And other people have noticed right away. She hasn't had strep that I've noticed recently. However, she did have a rough time around a year ago where she had strep about 4 or 5 times within a four month span, and one time she had it, and then finished the antibiotics and a few days it came back. I also noticed in the fall November and December that her tonsils seemed really big to me and she had a few episodes of choking. When she went for her checkup in January though, I mentioned the tonsils, but by then her tonsils seemed to be smaller, and the doctor didn't think anything of it. My husband took her to the doctor today about the tics as I am travelling and the doctor didn't think it was PANDAS, but likely related to stress, but is referring us to a pediatric neurologist. However... in Canada... who knows how long that will take. The sudden, dramatic change in tics really makes me think it is PANDAS, as opposed to stress or tourettes or something. And I am worried that if we wait too long without treatment she will just get worse. What should be our next steps? Should I push for some tests? What tests?
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