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  1. Thanks, my daughter is still feeling better. She is about 80 percent back to normal already. The np ran a strep throat culture, aso titer and the DNase titer. The throat culture was negative but the aso titer was high so he is officially calling it pandas. She is on 875mg of amoxicillin 3 times per day, (she is tall for her age and 100 pounds). I think he is going to do another two weeks of that and then a lower dose after that for a while. Should the rest of the family get treated for strep as well?
  2. Thanks for all of the info. I took my daughter to the nurse practitioner we see for the kids on Wednesday and he did think that PANDAS was a possibility but warned that it is not all that common and recommended that we get in with UCLA psych if the intrusive thoughts continue, (we live an hour from Los Angeles). He also said that he does have three other PANDAS patients in his practice. He did a swab with 72 hour culture, and ASO and anti-dnase blood tests as well as allergy tests, (unrelated but we were taking blood anyway and she has been stuffy). He prescribed two weeks of antibiotics and s
  3. Also, I wanted to add that I have another child with an autoimmune disease, (celiac).
  4. I am hoping someone can let me know if I am on the right track in looking to have my 10 year old daughter assessed for pandas. Right now she has a referral to get assessed for ADHD and ODD at the developmental center at a well regarded children's hospital but our appointment isn't until June. Some things have come up since we got the referral in January to make me think that we might be dealing with pandas instead. She has always been a very imaginative and energetic kid that tended to be a little distractible, but has always been outgoing and happy. She is suddenly miserable most of the time.
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