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  1. Thank you very much for sharing. This specific advice is my favorite thing about this site and this forum. I too am concerned about the price to see Dr. Lazarus which is very, very high. Although I believe my son wants his tics to be better I don't think he has the motivation and dedication right now to pursue this. I've decided to go another route for now. Anyone else please respond, though, because I believe this may be a very good option for some and I might consider it again in the future.
  2. My son who is 11 has had Tourette's since he was 4. Both vocal and motor tics and typical waxing and waning symptoms. So far it's been mostly mild at times with only a few severe spells. We're in the worst period ever since he now has a screaming tic for the last several weeks. It's not going away and he can't go to school or be in public right now until it gets better. I am very well-informed (in addition to a mom I happen to also be a physician) and have tried nearly everything out there over the years as far as supplements, diet changes, nutrition, neurofeedback and environmental thera
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