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  1. I live in a pretty big city in Canada, and my psychiatrist was not able to find me a tic resistance therapy like Habit Reversal Therapy. So there is a place called Tourettes Syndrom Service here and I called them and asked if they offered it, and they said I can't join because I'm an adult (25 year old). I am very mad about how all these services are geared toward children and adolescents. There are some people like myself who continue to have Tourettes as an adult, which really sucks. I feel like I'm left out that the associations don't care for those small percentage of people who continue to carry Tourettes.
  2. GABA Chewable Supplement

    Hi all, I'm 25 male who have had Tourettes since around 10 years old. I've been on medication ever since. I learned about this forum a couple years ago, and I tried many natural ways to reduce my tics, including removing artificial flavours/colours from my diet, trying Natural calm + Calcium combo, Multi vitamin, probiotics, Vitamin B complex, Flax Seed, Omega 3, but I don't think they are helping. I recently saw a post about GABA, and did some search, and I came to this thread. Two options I haven't tried yet are GABA and TMJ mouth piece, which also I learned from here, and also Youtube. The mouthpiece is very very expensive, so I'm holding that off for now, trying other things first. Actually another thing I know but haven't tried is CBD oil; I might try that one day. I have heard a lot of good things about it on Reddit. I just ordered PharmaGABA (by Natural Factors) chewable. I'm very excited to try, but I read some people warning about not to take it long term, or to not start or stop abruptly. Could I have some tips? This supplement is pretty expensive. I paid $33 (CAD) including shipping for 60 tablets. If I take as recommended, which is 2 tablets/day, then I'll finish it in a month. In terms of supplements, this is pretty expensive imo. Am I supposed to take it every day? Interestingly, many websites don't mention about not to start or stop abruptly, and they say it's all natural and helps really well for many things, while people on the forums say not to start or stop abruptly. Any tips would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi Sheila, Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful response. I have already gained improvement from following your post. I reduced sugar a lot, and eating more natural food. Also, I am avoiding food that have chemicals at grocery stores. I have to say, I'm quite shocked how flavoured potato chips have so many chemicals in them to make the flavour, while plain ones only have potato, vegetable oil, and salt. I never noticed this before! I have another question, and was hoping if you have any idea. I did notice my tics significantly reduced after having Natural calm, and good foods, but something else is that i haven't had really really tight schedule in the past few days. I tend to have way more tics when i have so many assignments due in upcoming days, or exams coming up, etc. I feel like its part of anxiety, where I'm worried if i wont be able to complete it. I do complete them most of the time, but i am a kind of person who worries a lot. Should i ask my doctor to get anxiety medication? Will it reduce the temporary anxiety i have when i am short in time? Also, if i start working in a few months, i will have short deadlines too most likely. I am very worried if i would be able to do well due to my tics. I did have one type of anxiety med ( dont remember name..) maybe about 8 years ago, when another doctor prescribed me for tourettes, but there was a side effect where rash appeared on my skin, so i stopped taking shortly. I really think anxiety is a big factor for me. Because of eating good food and taking magnesium, my tics have reduced a lot, but as i said when I'm worried about short time, tics are pretty bad, although not as bad as when i wasnt controling food and magnesium. Maybe there is some natural supplemet that helps anxiety? Because of course, i want to eventually get off meds. But it seems like when I'm worried, even meds (resperidone and clonidine) don't help at all. It seems like my meds are pretty useless, so maybe i should ask my doctor about it and replace these meds with anxety med, while controling food and magnesium.. What do you think? Any input would be appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, I have had tourettes since i was very little, and I'm now 23. I have been relying on meds mostly since thats only what doctors suggest. However, I recently found out tics are heavily related to food and also magnesium as well. I had been eating quite a lot of junk food recently, and a lot of stress from graduating in the toughest engineering school in the country, as well as looking for jobs, having interviews, my tics have been crazy. My tics has always been pretty bad, but there were some times that it was better. I have a variety of tics i do in the same period, and they keep changing. Anyway, i recently read on this forum about Natural Calm magensium supplement, and i started taking it last night. I also took it this morning. I'm wondering how long would it take to have positive impact on my tics. Of course it might not work for everyone, but assuming it does for me. Btw, I'm taking 3mg resperidone and some amount of clonidine that i don't remember the dose, at night. And i also take smaller dose of clonidine in the morning. I also would love to know if it is possible for a person like me to gradually stop taking meds and control tics with good food and supplements. Ive been on meds since around 10 and I'm definitely worried about myself in a long term if i will have to take them until I'm 80 something. But as i said my tics are worse than average a lot of times, so I'm not sure if i can manage it without meds. I would appreciate your input! Any opinion is welcome. Thanks!