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  1. We have an appointment with an LLMD next week and I want to be as prepared as possible. Please can you share what tests helped you confirm or rule out Lyme? My 4 year old son did Igenex Lyme and Coinfection panel in January with overall negative results IGM Negative 41 IND IGG Negative 23-25 IND, 39 IND, 41+++ We are getting mixed opinions. Pediatrician and couple of specialists are saying these results are clearly negative. If there was Lyme, the treatment my son has had would have cleared Lyme long ago (2 months on Zith, 2.5 on combination antibiotics). Other doctor disagrees and
  2. Hi. New and overwhelmed. My 4.5 YO had a sudden onset of motor and vocal tics, adhd, clumsiness, OCD, sensory stuff, sleep disturbances, tantrums after falling sick with a cough/fever Dec 2015. Pediatrician suspected PANDAS and started him on Cefdinir however ASO/DNASE negative. Symptoms improved 50% in a month however new symptoms kept emerging. We saw Dr B who ran more tests and diagnosed PANS with borderline Lyme. See Igenex and Galaxy results below. Started on Azith, Cefdinir and Malarone last week. We are seeing an increase in some symptoms (herx?) while others are in check. In hinds
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