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  1. Hi and hello. We are not too far from you here in South NJ. Our 7 year old has also developed motor tics. My wife and I are trying to educate ourselves with tic disorders. We are going to Nemours duPont Pediatrics. Fingers crossed.
  2. Epsom baths, will give that a try for our 7 year old... Hoping it helps with the tics.
  3. Hoping all works out for you and your family.
  4. Hello, I know this post is a few years old but was wondering if you have found a good doctor for tic disorder? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it. We have an appointment with the neuro this coming Wednesday (17th) and they are in my notes to ask. Glad to hear things are working out for you and your family. Regards.
  6. Hopefully all is well. Can you please give us an update? Thank you
  7. Please let us know your findings or results with this product? Thank you
  8. Hello newbie here and happy that I found this forum. Our 7 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago and my wife had started him on supplements (On Task). Seems to be working but still having issues at school. A few weeks ago Nuero told us about Vayarin so we tried that as well and included with On-Task. Neuro says it should help since we didn't want to put our son on full blown medication just yet. A week later he has developed motor tics so we stopped the Vayarin. According to Neurologist, this wasn't a side effect of Vayarin. Anyone else have similar issues? Our
  9. Great info and thanks for sharing. Our 7 year old son has developed motor tics and our neuro prescribed him 1mg of Gaunfacine daily. Our son has been on it for about 5 days now and we haven't seen much improvement. Would Repreeve be safe to try as well? Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone else here used Tic Tamer?
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