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    rhyanen got a reaction from SoCalValleymom in Looking For PANDAS doctor in Southern California   
    Try posting at this PANDAS group on facebook. It is more active so you will get more replies. 
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    When my 17yo ds is in a flare, his predominant symptom is psychosis. He will have minor auditory hallucinations as well which seem more sensory related. He will become paranoid and fear that someone is going to break into the home and kill him....whether that be the government, someone he knows or even my husband. He'll also think the killer is sending secret messages to him through media online or see certain symbols. I'll spend nights with him calming him down. It's a nightmare to say the least. I'd take the tics and OCD again like in the past over this. He also has Lyme so it's ard to tell if it's coming from the PANS or the Lyme. 
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    rhyanen got a reaction from Patmom in Please help my daughter!!! What is happening with her? Catatonia symptom   
    Have they checked for other autoimmune encephalitis like GAD65, potassium channel and the other limbic encephalitis? There are several variants. ADEM is another one. My coworkers son had developed that. I agrree with consulting with Dr. Najar. I hope they can figure it out soon. I will keep your daughter and your family in my prayers! Keep us posted. 
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    rhyanen reacted to rhyanen in Non-stop tics with steroid burst   
    Thank you so much for the response. He has been through a host of testing and came back showing mycoplasma, coxsackie, HHV-6, and western blot positive for 3 bands. Immunologist says he does not have Lyme because he does not have 5 bands per CDC guidelines, which I am skeptical about his opinion on that.
    Currently strep antibodies are negative, but have been positive in the past. He's been suffering through this for a good 14 years. He was diagnosed with high functioning autism at age 3, so for years we just assumed it was that. But we started noticing a pattern with illness, and each time resulting in some serious regression. He is now 16 years old and cannot go to school anymore nor leave the home. His last big exacerbation was it 14 years old, during which time he had a psychotic episode. His cognition has declined by 15 points on his IQ test. He has become severely disabled by this and can barely communicate anything. It's devastating because he was on an honor roll student in between his flare-ups and had several friends. Now he is homebound and a social.
    I will contact his immunologist and his pediatrician regarding his reaction to the steroid and hopefully they will have some thoughts.
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