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  1. I thought I'd post an update to help those who may be going through something similar, and to ask for some advice. After sending my bloods for testing, I was unfortunate that galaxy did not receive the blood in time, and it was not tested. So my bloods were sent to Australian Rickettsial lab, and came up mild positive for Bart, and strongly positive for nearly all the different Rickettsias. Lyme and bab were negative. In the last 6 months I have been treated with herbs, rather than Antibiotics, as my new LLMD says that her experience favours herbs. I was initially on beyond balance BB-2, ba
  2. Hi Darling787, Howd you go? did you remove the tonsils. Any updates on progress?
  3. Yes, sf-mom is correct, it can be added. Rifampin has been used by some when strep titres dont come down despite using other antibiotics. Be aware it can turn urine, sweat, and tears a dark/orange colour. I would also say that if it is being used for more than a few weeks, liver enzymes should be monitored. Also if you are finding die-off and later improvements with rifampin, you may need to consider the possibility that there may be other underlying infections, such as bartonella. Rifampin is often used for bartonella. Hope this is helpful.
  4. I ended up having testing done with Australian Biologics for lyme and mycoplasma PCR, and also have sent blood to Galaxy Diagnostics for Bart and co-infections. I thought it would be a good idea to have some testing done so that I would at least know what to target with the antibiotics. Im waiting now for the results, but in the meantime thought I would start slow with clarithromycin, and plan to start rifampin in 2 weeks. I am suspecting Bart, so focusing treatment on that mostly for now.
  5. Its taken a while for my liver to finally improve. Not completely back to normal, but nearly there. My research in the last few months have made me believe that I may be suffering from bartonella. I have been on antibiotics more tailored towards Lyme disease. Interestingly, I did have some changes in OCD symptoms in that time, and the antibiotics may have suppressed the bartonella to some extent. Since stopping the antibiotics in February, I have developed increased muscle aches and twitches, headaches, and foot sole pains. These seem to be consistent with bart. According to what I have re
  6. I believe it is possible that unusual and unexplainable symptoms, such as fatigue, aches, anxiety, etc are a results of infections and/or toxins. Since you just had dental work, something to consider would be mercury toxicity. Additionally, as your strep numbers are up, you also have a potential clear cause that also needs to be treated. So your treatment approach could include a general and metal detox, as well as antibacterial/antifungals, etc. These things are so complicated, and if you can get yourself a naturopath or Dr who treats these things, it would make the journey easier.
  7. Well my liver is taking longer then expected to return to normal. So I haven't started the antibiotics yet. I'm retesting this week, and hopefully start antibiotics soon. I've been told to start cefuroxime (ceftin) first and check liver again after 2 weeks then add on rifampin. I've been off all antibiotics for over a month now, and I felt briefly worse, but now feeling slightly better. Its possible the antibiotics may have killed something off.
  8. There is a naturopathic doctor in Canada that treats pandas, Dr Ayla Wilson. Anyone have any experience they can share about her?
  9. Llm, I agree with your thoughts on autoimmune disease. It makes more sense that the body would be attacking something, and collateral damage occurs to self tissue. Perhaps those bacteria present just haven't been identified, perhaps they are l-forms, or they are a different small pathogen not yet discovered by science yet. Perhaps herbs or antibiotics would help. That's why I'm trying antibiotics as an adult for ocd. But I think for most people trying these things for autoimmune disease its more of an experiment, and you may get lucky with a particular combination of antibiotics or herbs.
  10. I'm needing some help here. If I could ask for some guidance regarding antibiotics from someone more experienced. So my NP doctor is recommending I now try a combination of rifampin and ceftin. All previous antibiotics tried only had an initial herx, but no significant improvements in ocd symptoms. And all my blood tests from regular pathology did not show any infections. So were experimenting now with different antibiotics to see if they cause any changes. Anyone with any experience able to offer any help? Are these reasonable antibiotics? Should I consider experimenting with other antib
  11. Thanks dut, the idea of antivirals has certainly crossed my mind. At this stage, all my blood tests, including strep have been negative. The problem in adults seems to be that since the infections have been present for so long, the body appears to stop producing antibodies. So bloods tests often come back negative, making it hard to target treatment. I will discuss that with my Naturopath at next visit. Wombat, if your not able to find a local doctor who treats this, you may want to contact the lyme association for doctors, or even put up your location on this forum, and hopefully someone
  12. I agree, it is a guessing game. Its trial and error. If your able to see an llmd that seems like the best and only option. Need to see someone with experience. Otherwise it may not work, and just wasting money and time. Doxy combined with something else would be recommended. As i have ocd, my ND seems to like combining things with augmentin, as augmentin appears to help ocd symptoms. But best to see what your Dr says. My next step I think is going to be rifampin and mino combined starting from next week. But need to make sure my liver enzymes come back to normal first. Apperantly I had a rar
  13. Igenex is for Lyme and co infections. The problem I see however, is that if the results come back negative, they say you can't be sure the infection is not present. So you have to treat anyways if you have symptoms. Its only useful if the results are positive, that way you can target your treatment. But even still you can't be sure another infection is not lingering. Just my thoughts.
  14. This naturopath is treating me with antibiotics, rather than herbs. So she's more like a regular Dr actually, and that's what I was looking for. Kakrpa, if you've only used 2 common antibiotics, then thats not enough! There are potentially so many infective causes. Also it is recommended to use at least 2 antibiotics at the same time. Combos such as augmentin and azithro, or clarythro, or doxy. Doxy is more for myco. Then if Lyme or co-infection, then would try rifam, mino, tidemax... And more Etc. Getting worse when on some antibiotics may be a good sign of herxing. You would want to
  15. Great to read some replies. I find reading these forums so useful, as it helps me think of treatment options. Wombat, I notice that you only tried a small amount of limited antibiotics. Did you ever try Lyme/Bart/myco treatment? I haven't noticed much gains on strep treatment either. Although in that 2 weeks being off antibiotics, strangely I feel I may be a little better now compared to 6 months ago. Its hard to tell as its so gradual. Kakrpa, what did you try in the past? Did you try anything for infections? Did the llmd give any advice? I'm seeing a naturopathic Dr from Canada, via phon
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