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  1. Yes but I can't drive several hours a week for therapy so I'm trying to find a place that offers it closer to home.
  2. I'm not sure, I just used L-carnatine.
  3. So I have been reading topics on these forums for months for some understanding and ways to help my son with his Ts tics. He started several years ago with eye blinking, head nodding, mouth stretching, etc. just this last year he started clearing his throat a lot. His tics never really bothered him and no one really noticed except for family. He just turned 9 and over the last few months the throat clearing turned into a loud almost barking sound that was basically constant. Literally almost every second he wasn't talking or playing sports he was ticcing. His friends and teachers started to notice (it was impossible not to) and he began to get very embaRrased.I read a lot on these forums about l-carnitine and decided to give it a try. After the first day of taking 500 mg his tic was at least decreased by 50% the next day I would say it was down by 75% and he volume of the tic was down about 75% as well. It's back to where unless you knew he has ts and we're looking for tics you would think he was just clearing his throat more than normal. Who knows if his is just a fluke and his tic is just waning but it really seems as though it's the l-carnitine. Just wanted to share his experience so far in case it helps anyone else out.
  4. Does anyone have a reccomendation for a CBIT practitioner in Pennsylvania?
  5. Hi, my son has not been diagnosed yet by a doctor but he has had both motor and verbal tics for over a year now. We haven't taken him to a doctor yet because they were very minor and didn't seem to bother him. He has recently turned 9 and over the last few months his tics have really escalated. What used to be a quiet throat clearing every few minutes has turned into an almost constant loud throat clearing that almost sounds like a bark. We spoke to a specialist on the phone and set up an appointment but cannot be seen for over a month. She told us she would most likely be referring him for CBIT after she meets with him. I'm having a hard time finding a doctor who offers CBIT where I live (northeast Pennsylvania). Does anybody have any reccomendations?
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