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  1. I'm reading alot about dr h. f. in manhatten. I would like to network with some parents that have seen her/are using her. I took my son there and have some questions. Thanks
  2. babsmom

    Cycles of symptoms

    typical scenario he has been going to school getting A's for 25 days he comes home and reviews schoolwork with dad, dad will tell me he wasn't on top of his game as far as comprehension and tell me something might be looming, he'll then throw something if I criticize him (not in character) and me and dad will exchange worried glances... he will then go to bed but come out 2-3 times to draw a picture, or roam... and then go to bed and wake up as though he is in a fod with limited interaction, if any then at a preschool level... he'll have a different voice and get agitated quickly, rage a bit, get very sensory about his clothing, he'll complain his shoes are too tight and rage that he needs new ones right now and then try on every shoe in the store only to not find a pair that 'fits' - he will eat cheerios for breakfast which he wouldn't touch any other week of the year....this behavior will last a week and then suddenly he will pop back to himself in middle of dinner or reading... with his normal facial expressions, voice, personality... he will remember incidence that occurred but deny anything weird about it...for example his shoes fit fine, he didn't buy new ones bec nothing in the store was his size...he missed his cousins birthday party because "it was too far".... (untrue) either denying the episode or not recalling it at all... no purple eyes he will be healthy and well, cute for another 28 days only to have this happen again...
  3. babsmom

    Medical Detective?

    were also dealing with a clockwork cycle of symptoms, from what I tell only brain fog/ocd/sensory more than physical but I can't understand the cycles.. noone else can either!!
  4. babsmom

    PANDAS MD near New York

    Dr. Schulman is fantastic. You won't regret meeting her. She hasn't treated us but we had a consult with her and were very impressed. Do you have the list of bloodwork she requests? I'd love to see it.
  5. we are at our wits end with our child. he was a fine young man (11) and suddenly started became confused and a little mute, mildly catatonic, minor ocd. he returned to baseline after 6 days and then was fine for 6 months, now he is having 6 day episode regularly (every 4-6 weeks) and then returning to his baseline with no symptoms... the confused state has gotten milder while he is on zithromax but he does have rages... the wierd thing is it lasts 5-6 days the whole state and then he returns.. he can go to school between 'episodes' he is taking ibuprofen and zithromax has lots of sinus infections had has a runny nose since birth has no history of mental illness in the family CF, MRI CBC all negative igenex babesia microti came back positive and lyme was inconclusive the boy was seen by neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, pediatricians with no diagnosis.... we are going to duke university for brain health and going to dr j in connecticut for lyme looking to hear from others if there is anything you have seen that goes on and off like a switch not wax/wane style...seriously he can go into the shower like a psycho and exit the shower like a cute, normal kid... or he can be reading a book after school one minute and ten minutes later his shoes are too small, he is picking at his toes and all his clothing need to come off (sensory?!) raging..