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  1. I have the same letter-counting thing ever since i can remember, but only a few months ago I happened to find out that this is actually unusual... I can count letters both in sentences i read and hear. I do it very quickly, and can tell a person how many letters were in a sentence he said the moment he finishes saying it. and i alphabetize as well. and can type/ say a sentence from end to beginning very fast. but I don't do it all the time, so I'm not sure what it all means... I was never diagnosed with OCD, but when I was in grade-school I had different kinds of nervous ticks, like nodding my head, which I eventually grew out of. now, I guess, this is the only thing I have left... a funny thing- I found out I can also count bits I hear faster than other people (like if you knock with your fingers on a table quickly like 'ta-ta-ta-ta') I can count them one by one, and i found out other people can't so...I'm really happy I found this forum!!! please write if you a have similar "issues" :-)
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