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  1. From what I have read, the minerals in the water are a source of nutrition. I think the reverse osmosis filter removes all those mentioned, but not chlorine. Some of the minerals are absorbed through skin during showers as well, buy I haven't discovered any adverse effects from this, although the water treatment system salesman had quite a list. These were mostly skin issues such as dryness or rashes, none of which we have experienced. I'm not sure what the reverse osmosis system removed that is a trigger for my boys, but it was a noticeable difference - positive when we installed the system, and very negative very soon after it broke down.
  2. Thank-you. It was you who many years ago educated me on the necessity of reverse osmosis filters. the one that we had was extremely beneficial to my boys. I hadn't found any information on hard water and its effect on Tourette's, hopefully because there is nothing to learn. The whole house unit would remove magnesium and calcium as well as the chlorine. In addition to charcoal for removing the chlorine, the tank contains negatively charged resin beads which bind with the calcium and magnesium ions. The salesman mentioned that salt is added periodically, and I assumed he meant table salt. I do want the chorine gone, but was concerned about losing the magnesium and calcium. thanks again. You and this site are a wonderful resource for so many who are struggling. Have a great evening.
  3. Hi all, It's been a while since I've posted, but I had a question for the experts here! Two out of three of my sons have TS. I have tried every diet, natural remedy, and prescription for the oldest whose symptoms have always been more severe in addition to his being more sensitive about his ts. The youngest is more accepting of his condition and deals with it ok without needing to do more than watch his diet, take vitamins and avoid triggers. The only thing that ever significantly helped them both was the reverse osmosis filter we had for our drinking water and ice. A while back these started to disfunction and we had to go back to our regular tap water. Their tics went through the roof! We are finally able to afford a new filtration system, and had the salesman out for an estimate. He was pushing a whole house filtration-water softener instead of the reverse osmosis. Regardless, I am going to go with the reverse osmosis filter because I know how beneficial it is. My question for y'all is whether I should get both. The salesman's spiel was very convincing. The whole house filter softens the water and removes the clorine. This reduces calcium (chalk) build up on the skin and in the pores as well as purifying the water absorbed by the skin during showers. Any ideas as to the benefits of this in regard to the TS?
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