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  1. Thank you on the yeast check idea and the Gatorade warning. We are getting started on rifampin I hope. I was told the compounding pharmacy could flavor it orange, but it ended up cherry so maybe we can get her to believe her lemonade is pink. Between my daughter's Lyme's and her 6,4 and 3 year old's PANDAS, CVID, and Lyme's, there is little time to digest all this new information. These forums really help.
  2. My granddaughter is experiencing the rages I see described below. 6 years, almost 7. First low dose IVIG almost 4 weeks ago, we are hoping to be approved for hi dose. Bicillin shot last week seemed to acerbate rage. Positive for Band 41 Lymes with Labcorps. Bartonella type rash on bottom for years. Think Mom passed her Lymes along to all three kids unknowingly. Mom diagnosed Lyme and Babesia positive with Igenex last year. For 6 year old using magnesium baths, lemonade, she eats peanut butter, what about hyperbaric chamber to help through this detox stage? It's caused by spirochete die off, ri
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