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  1. I am also looking fora doctor in the Los Angeles area. Did you find a good one? I hope things have gotten better. Please update if you have Doctor to recommend.
  2. I need help finding a Dr with expertise or at least receptive to the possibility of PANDAS in LA area, anywhere near Los Angeles. My son began with tics, OCD very different behaviors. I've seen pediatrician and neurologist at Kaiser who ran no tests and just dismissed us as having tics. My son also saw environmental physician but got nowhere. We need help. Please if you know of any Dr.s in Southern California.
  3. I need help finding Dr in LA area with experience in tics, possible toutettes, OCD behaviors or PANDAS. I've seen environmental physicians when the pediatrician and neurologists at Kaiser gave us no answers. We've gotten nowhere and need a Dr very knowledgeable. My son out of nowhere began with a head tic, cracking joints, worried, and different behaviors never seen before. Please any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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