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  1. Some news: After antibiotics bad thoughts were gone. And my daughter was feeling normal. Recently she started having anxiety, I hope bad thoughts not gonna come back. We went to a pediatrician who specializes in viruses. We did a special test to find out for sure if my daughter still has has mycoplasma. We didn't see a psychiatrist yet. I don't want my daughter to be on drugs for anxiety. We hope to hear from doctor soon about mycoplasma. For now I am giving her vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin D
  2. Wow. What should I do? I hope it's will go away.
  3. We had MRI, everything looks normal. After that we went to pediatrician and we asked to test my daughter for some infections and bacterias. Today we got a call from our Doctor and she said my daughter tested positive for Mycoplasma. Today we started 5 day antibiotics Azithromycin. We hope that all OCD and anxiety symptoms will be gone. I still think that we have PANS.
  4. thank you so much!!! I think we will go back to pediatrician and will ask for these tests.
  5. How did you know that your son has Mycoplasma?I wondering if my daughter has the same and it was trigger for pans/pandas, what was your symptoms? What kind of tests we can do to find out?
  6. Thank you so much for you comments. I feel that I am not alone. My daughter still have her thoughts and fear, specialty after she eats something with sugar, as I noticed. We going to have MRI of the brain on Tuesday. I was thinking if I will return to re pediatrician what kind of tests we should do? I don't think she has Lyme. She had a cold on the end of Semptemer, possible that when everything started little by little.
  7. Looks like that. But I don't know why antibiotics didn't help.
  8. Hello. I am new here. But I really need someone's advice. My daughter is 10 years old. 3 years ago my daughter started having OCD symptoms, she was washing hands a lot, and was worrying about a lot of things, she was tested positive for strep, after antibiotics she got better. Pediatrician thought she probably has Pandas. Now, about 5-6 weeks my daughter started to have anxieties at evening before she would fall asleep. She was saying that she worrying about something and she doesn't know why. Later she started having sexual thoughts about everyone she knows. (She doesn't know what sex really is, mostly her thoughts was about kissing, hugging...) This thoughts was bothering her a lot. Later she started having thoughts that she's hurting someone with knife, sister, mom, dad, friends... That was really scary, because in general she is very kind and loving So, I so it thought that Pandas came back, so we went to see a doctor. My daughter had rapid strep test that was positive, after that they did culture strep test that came negative. But she was on antibiotics for 10 days anyway. Symptoms didn't go away after antibiotics. Later we did a blood test that showed my daughter didn't have strep. That is why pediatrician didn't think my daughter has Pandas. I don't know what to think. We went to neurologist and he wanted my daughter to have MRI. Also doctor recommended to see it's a psychiatrist. But I really scared to go to psychiatrist, I am afraid that doctor will make a wrong diagnosis or will put my daughter on very strong medicine. For now I am giving my daughter vitamin B-complex, glycine, probiotics and chamomile. Also she doesn't eat sugar and caffeine. Sometimes my daughter feels normal for couple of days and then she starts having bad thoughts again. She is having irritability sometimes, and starting thinking about losing weight, and she is not fat. I Will appreciate any comments. Thank you.
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