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  1. argamas it was about 3 months when I checked.
  2. babsmom CBC CMP ASO Anti Dnase Lyme with western blot Mycoplasma Pneumonia IgG IgM Total Serum IgA Vit D
  3. We are scheduled to see Dr. Schulman in Brooklyn next week. I did have my girl put on the waiting list at Bock Integrative and Mass General. So we'll see.
  4. We have an appointment with Dr. S in Brooklyn next week. We are really looking forward to it. She passed along her antibiotic protocol so that our school PA could continue treating our daughter until we could get to our appt with her. She also ordered a bunch of additional labs that will be ready to discuss when we are there (which is much better than ordering when we are there and then need to come back or call to discuss). I haven't met this doctor yet and I'm already pleased. I also have my girl on the waiting list at Mass General, but when I was on the phone with them this past week they said they no longer do IVIG. So we'll see. I'm also on the waiting list for Bock Integrative. I figured it wouldn't hurt.
  5. Did you find a doctor? I live in Cortland and our daughter is having her first PANDAS episode. I am in the process of trying to find a PANDAS doc right now. I have on my list Dr. Schulman in Brooklyn, Dr. Bock in Red Hook and Dr Latimer in Washington DC. I would be interested in any information you have dug up this past month. Thanks!
  6. I live in Upstate NY and am quite new to this PANDAS thing. We are looking for a doctor to treat our 9 year old daughter who is having her first episode of PANDAS. So far I have found: Dr. Kenneth Bock in Red Hook, NY Dr. Susan Schulman in Brooklyn NY Dr. Elizabeth Latimer in Washington DC Does anybody have any ties/information about any of these doctors to help us decide which path to follow. Thanks for any replies!!!
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