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  1. I'm feeling totally discouraged. A couple of hours after my last post stating that my son was overall doing better (on Feb 3), he abruptly began severe ticcing again. He has done it pretty much constantly since then. So, we are going on two weeks of mostly non-stop ticcing. His most bothersome tic is a verbal tic. When the verbals began in November, it was a cough. It has morphed now into a mix of a grunt and a mmmm sound. They have begun to run together so fast that it sometimes sounds like he is letting out a loud wail. He has been trying to hold his chin up, but I can tell it'
  2. I had originally posted on the Tourette forum, but I think I need some information from this group of moms! Please help me to interpret and understand... My son, age 9, developed some eye rolling tics in March 2015. He had 2-3 days of severe eye rolling, then the symptoms decreased rapidly to the point that he only did it a couple of times per day. Everything else was fine. Mid-November 2015, he took one single breath and developed a intense, brutal coughing tic. He coughed severely until Jan 6, when he finally started having pauses in coughing. Over time, the cough morphed to a
  3. Just an update, Overall my son is doing better. His vocal tic was constant from November 14-Jan 6 then became episodic with an overall decreasing intensity and decreasing frequency. He's now at a point where he typically spends more time NOT ticcing than he does ticcing. The silence has never been more welcome! He is sleeping better and his color is improved. He simply LOOKS healthier right now. We have tried dairy/casein free...I thought I saw an improvement after the first week of doing it. Added it back for a few days and saw more tics. However, at that time he also ha
  4. Hi, thank you for your replies. I guess I am on this board because I do, in my heart, think there is something else going on. The change was so sudden, so dramatic, I don't believe it is just a regular thing. We don't have any Tourette's in my family or in husband's family, though my older daughter did have a transient vocal tic a few years ago. It was just a throat clearing thing and was so mild and short-lived that I've only identified it as a transient tic in retrospect, given everything that is happening with my son right now. So my big question is---how do I find a doctor th
  5. Hoping I can find some support here, maybe bounce some ideas off of people....I don't know. Feeling very overwhelmed by all of this. Last spring, March 2015, my 9 year old son had sudden onset of very severe eye rolling tics--every 3-5 seconds. It was spring break at school. I took him to his pediatrician googled, and started magnesium. Within two days, the tics were very mild, and most people never noticed them after that at all. They never went all the way away. On November 14th, we tucked my son in to bed, and he took a breath, then began coughing severely. We tried eve
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