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    maybaby got a reaction from bobh in PANDAS and Autism Research Videos   
    I was recently listening to some of the Autism One videos from last week's conference, and wanted to pass along the link for those interested. My DD has PANS/ADHD/Anxiety diagnoses. Although I don't have a autistic child, I feel a lot of the speakers at the yearly Austin One conference have important messages that can be applied to a variety of childhood disorders. You may want to listen to Dr. Rosario's Trifletti's video titled "Rosario Trifiletti - PANDAS/PANS as a framework for understanding vaccine reactions and autism" (the video is located under the Saturday list of seminar speakers).
    My daughter has been taking the BRAVO probiotic for two years, and it has been, by far, the best thing we've done for her to help build up her immune system. The inventor of the probiotic, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, is also a speaker at the Autism conference. 
    I hope this helps anyone who is interested in doing some research!
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    maybaby got a reaction from labmom in Pandas or Allergies?   
    My DD had similar symptoms at that age. She was also severely constipated and was a very slow grower. We eventually figured out it was lyme causing these symptoms.
    My recommendation as a starting point it to work on toning down the inflammation in her body and getting the gut in a good place. I would cut out gluten and incorporate some good probiotics. I didn't completely cut out dairy b/c I needed to add some of that fat in her body (plus she was a very picky eater). I tried to give her as much protein, vegetables, and some fruit at every meal. The GAPS diet was too overwhelming for our family to incorporate (although I do think it's a wonderful approach to healing the gut).
    Have you considered testing her for celiac? Celiac can mimic ADHD symptoms. We tested out DD with both blood test and had her scoped. She came back negative, but we still cut gluten out and saw immediate benefits (she felt better, ate more food, and was calmer). We also began the BRAVO probiotic yogurt and saw major improvements. The colostrum in BRAVO reconstitutes the gut. After a year on BRAVO, we felt her stomach was in a much better place to begin treating for lyme.
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