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  1. My son took a 10 day supply of Cefdinir, the tic went away about 20-25 days later... I believe it was the first week of January that I did not hear it anymore. All was fine from early January until last august early September this year! Once again!! I(mom) had a sore throat, had a throat swab taken. rapid test neg, 5 days later I receive a message saying culture was positive. Same day (August 30th) I took my little one to have this throat checked. The doctor said all looks good. She hesitated to take a throat swab because all looked fine. (NO SYMPTOMS). I insisted and it was positive! she gave him 10 day amox prescript. He took it, nothing happened as he had NO symptoms from the get go. around august 15, he started having fear issues, didn't want to take his art class, karate class, didn't want to eat. on August 17, OCD - washing hands constantly. couldn't lay on the bed, wanted to sleep on top of me.. On august 19, I took him to see his pediatrician. She checked his throat - All clear NO STrep but she gave me a 10 day of Cefdinir again. By day 5, OCD was gone. All was fine until Oct 4th... the little vocal tic "hmm" sound was back. Tic is going nowhere. I scheduled an appointment with a neurologist. just waiting. Aside from the mild vocal tic (that he tries to hide and that keeps him from relaxing at bedtime) no other concerning symptoms. My ENT has suggested tonsillectomy. I am not sure if we should do it. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Did u find any info? I'm in houston also and curious
  3. My 4 year old did not feel well on a Sunday afternoon, he developed a temperature of 102 that day. I gave him Advil. Temperature dropped, The next morning he woke up with hives or some sort of rash. 7 days later (rash still around) I noticed a tic. Mild, it's a "hm" sound, Rash went away after 2 weeks but tic continues. Asked for a throat culture for strep, it was negative. 3 weeks after the temperature, I asked the doctor for a blood test for Strep A. Blood test was positive. Doc did another throat culture and it was negative again. He was prescribed an antibiotic, it's been 4 days, Tic continues. Any thoughts on this?
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