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  1. It must be a Jersey thing, because this is the biggest issue I'm having with the school currently. Thank you! This gives me some ideas to work with.
  2. We have an IEP, but it's current incarnation doesn't provide much support. It's more reactive to the behavioral issues he had at the onset. He is in a resource classroom, which is helpful. What parts of your IEP have you found most helpful? And I realize some things are individualized. I keep pushing for a smoother transition between normal school days and home instruction. We get stuck in this waiting period where it takes a month to get it implemented and then he's back in school.
  3. Thank you for the responses. My frustration level was particularly high this morning. I currently live with my mother and she will help support us for as long as necessary. So that is a blessing, but there are of course other issues being an adult living home again. She has also been out of town for a week and will continue to be for the next 2. I would love to have an understanding with their Dad, but he doesn't believe the diagnosis. I will have another conversation with him regardless. Child support? HAHAHAHA For my own sanity I need some sort of life outside of this care giving. I am sti
  4. I am a single parent, who currently works part time while the kids are with their dad or my mother will babysit, particularly if ds refuses to go with his dad. My son was diagnosed with PANS in October and because of anxiety and school refusal has been home pretty much full time since then. I have been accepted into grad school for the fall. Staying home indefinitely with him is just not an option. If it weren't for living with my mother rent free, I don't know what we would be doing right now. (She also may have to move, because of her job.) How do you do it? Is there always a parent home wit
  5. Thank you for the response. I have considered it, but the next issue appears that he may refuse to take him. Probably better for son's health but not for my stress level.
  6. Are there any other single parents out there? I am fortunate that I'm not dealing with this all totally on my own. I live with my mother and I cannot imagine having dealt with everything so far on my own. The problem is my son's father doesn't believe the diagnosis. Mostly this isn't a big deal since I'm the primary parent, but he does spend every other weekend there. Ex has been to only 1 doctor's appointment. I give him the dr's notes from every appointment. He doesn't give the meds he needs. Feeds him junk which we agreed was not in his best interest. It's hard enough to deal with everythin
  7. Find a new dr. My pediatrician doesn't believe in PANDAS but was willing to do the test and write a recommendation for a specialist. Really, what is the harm in doing the test?
  8. I am inclined to think it is a symptom. After starting a prophylactic dose of azitrhromycin he had no problem eating chicken last night.
  9. The short story is that at the end of September my son had what we though was a virus. Was "better" and then started with school refusal, anxiety, rage, sleep problems, ocd. Through a series of events we were able to get a diagnosis pretty quickly of Lyme and PANS. After 2 different antibiotics, we finally saw improvement. We have a follow up appointment this week. The sleep problems seem to be making a reappearance. I'm not sure if this is a symptom or not, he wants to be a vegetarian. He's 9 which is interesting to me because that's when I decided to be a vegetarian. (Was for 20 years,
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