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    ejh got a reaction from Robinhubb in Follow up blood work   
    Bloodwork being normal is not unusual as far as I know. And does not mean that it is not an immune problem. Have you talked to a PANS/PANDAS specialist?
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    ejh reacted to MomWithOCDSon in Alternative Meds?   
    Wasswa --  You can get the non-hallucinogenic component (cannabodoil or CBD) in a tincture form; it can be placed in drops under your tongue, or put into empty gel caps and consumed.  Many families on some of the forums here (PANDAS/PANs primarily) have used it for addressing anxiety issues with their kids.  The CBD oil can be purchased via Amazon and other on-line outlets, and given as it doesn't contain THC, is legal to purchase pretty much anywhere.  Since you don't smoke and have not tried pot previously, this might be a good option to try and see if the CBD is helpful to you.
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    ejh got a reaction from Albymom in Am I imagining things?   
    I am sorry about how hard things have been for your family. I just want to say I completely agree with llm. This absolutely sounds like PANDAS/PANS. I also agree that the best thing is to work with someone with experience in treating PANDAS/PANS, and the sooner you do, the sooner you will have treatment.
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