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  1. Thanks chemar for your response. You have provided so much helpful support on this forum. I have scheduled an eye exam for my granddaughter and had previously looked into the Irlen method. I will pursue both areas and see where it leads. It is so frustrating to have reading be a tic trigger, especially since she enjoys reading so much.
  2. Hello, I am new so first let me give some background. My seven year old granddaughter who I am raising has exhibited both motor and vocal tics since she was around three and a half. They were very mild for the most part and didn't become more intense until this past spring. This was not surprising since she has been diagnosed with severe pollen, dust and mold allergies and has been receiving neutralization therapy for the past three years. The allergy treatment has helped, but early spring is still a nightmare for her. The most difficult time for her when her tics are waxing is when she i
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