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  1. My son is now going into his 4th year of Tourettes with vocal and motor tics that are complex and continuous. He has now added a word he blurts out which is new. He is currently seeking CBT and is not in medication. I am trying Chelated Magnesium and Vitamin D3 along with calcium and. Probiotic. I have heard about "Tic Tamer" I believe that's the name .. Has anyone had success with this? I have an Ex that won't follow the same/ similar steps unfortunately so his diet is compromised with nitrates and artificial additives. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding Pain. My son
  2. Hi There, It was suggested that Chelated Magnesium is the type of Magnesium to take. I heard that magnesium can result in gastro intestinal issues (diarriah and cramps) but when taking the Chelated Magnesium it has been known to illuminate that typical side effect. My son has Tourette's and I'm a Mo that is trying my best to find natural ways to help Him. I hope this helps.
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