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  1. My Son is 15 years old. He got face tics (below the left eye - group of muscle twitch). This started 2 months ago. First it started both eye blinking then this stopped and started faced twitching. If I ask him to stop the tics then he can stop it. Now he got only face twitching. We did the Head MRI and it was normal. The only thing in the MRI is 'Inflammatory opacification and mucosal cyst formation in both maxillary sinuses'. We did the complete blood work and magnesium Serum and RBC and all is fine. We went to 3 neurologist so far, 2 of them before the MRI result and one after the MRI result. The neurologist ordered the MRI called and said MRI is fine. The second one didn't have any idea about this tic and third neurologist looked at the MRI result and said to see the ENT The first two neurologist's said nothing to worry and said my Son don't have any neurological issues. They said they will give muscle relaxation medicine. The third neurologist said see the ENT My Son is having allergies (seasonal allergy and no food allergy) for the last few years. He had allergy /Sinus when this tic started. Today, I saw the ENT and while looking all the reports, he said we need to tale another MRI for the Left ear. Not sure what to do next. Anyone think it is because of the Allergy/Sinus that is mentioned in the MRI. We started giving augmentin and now it is 7 days and so far no Differences. The next step is we are thinking to test his B12 and Folic acid. Anyone can help me?
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