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  1. My dd who I am dealing with the PANDAS symptoms had a rash all over her body that lasted about 2 days after she was initially bitten and then subsequently was tested "positive" with bands 41 and 39. Does this possibly signal anything specific that anyone knows about?
  2. I talked to Dr today. The Western Blot they ran had her positive on IGG 41. This June, when she had a "positive" test, and was treated she was positive on Band 41 and 39. She was treated with Amoxicillyn. I am really suspecting PANDAS at this point. We are going in to have more bloodwork done for the co-infections today. We also see the Peds. Neurologist on Monday. What book or link do you all recommend for me to do a quick read up. Specifically to look for what antibiotics I should suggest to Dr that are suitable to knock out PANDAS lyme or co-infection symptoms? I am als
  3. I have a lyme literate doctor. This spring my dd (4) was tested for lyme and got 2 positive bands and was treated. We see a peds. Neurologist on the 12th of Oct to address the tics. Until then, I am wondering more about the PANDAS. What should I ask the Dr about the tests that he did? What should I make sure that he does to cover all angles? He is very open and willing to explore all the possibilities of a co-infection, but I just want to make sure that he does everything he can. He told me himself that he knew about PANDAS, but had never seen a case.
  4. Would you all recommend the book that they sell here to begin things at home? Or should I wait a bit since there could be something else completely neurologically wrong that has nothing to to with PANDAS. At this point, we just don't know, though she has all 5 of the PANDAS symptoms.
  5. We saw the dr today. He is very chronic lyme friendly, as we live in a really bad area for lyme. He was concerned enough about her to tell us we need to see someone else, and will be getting back to me today when he finds out who she should see next. He did blood work, so I will take notes on what you have said here and ask him about that if it is not on the typical blood work radar. He knew about PANDAS and thought that could be a real possibility, though he had never seen a case yet.
  6. Hello- My 4 year old was treated for Lyme this spring. She did not have a true positive, but she had 2 markers on the test that the Dr considers a positive. My husband began noticing her making a sluping noise maybe a month back. Then this last Wednesday she began rolling her eyes upwards and sometimes jerking her head up. It is very alarming. Does this sound like PANDAS? or something like it?
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