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  1. Hi everyone! Today I realised that I don't actually know the name of my talent and decided to google it but all I found was this. Does anyone know how is this called? And do you know anything about it, like if it's good for anything or just uselessly cool? Some friend told me that this could be used in casinos (like in counting cards) because we obviously have some kind of system in our brains that allowes us to count letters so fast. I have been doing this thing for couple of years now and it started out of nowhere. I had a period in my early teens when all I did was count the letters. I would't listen to what someone is saying to me because I would be so focused on counting. Now it's more normal (or I just to it so often I don't even notice it anymore) So anyway it's nice to be able to talk to someone who does the same thing (if anyone responds). I have a bunch of questions about this. While I was writing this I started to get a serious desire to actually study this and explain it so if you are willing to help me please contact me
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